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Product Reviews

As a fitness writer, I get the opportunity to test out a lot of different products, and share my thoughts with all of you!  I do my best to provide in-depth, honest reviews of all products I review here, and constantly seek out the best products in any category.

Products without an active link are currently in trial and will be reviewed soon!

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KEEPTIGHT Workout Gear
Quatro Logiq Pocketed Tank Top
Quatro Logiq Compression Capris
Tearadactyl Athletic Convertible Top
Gypsy Runner Pocket Shorts
STRYK Workout Shorts
STRYK Premium Sports Bras
STRYK Workout Leggings
TrueLife Fitness "Katies" Leggings (video)
BUFF Headband
IdealFit Workout Gear - Get 10% off your purchase with anyx10

Fitness Equipment
Ultimate Squat System
Live Infinitely Resistance Loops
Gigabody Online Training Program
Body Trimmer Elastic Exerciser
Infinito Pilates Ring
Fitness Answered Suspension Trainer System (video)
Fitness Answered Resistance Tubing Set (video)
Peak Win Athletics Stability Ball (video)
Katie Sunshine Hula Hoop and DVD Kit (video)
BeFit 30 Day Fat-Burn Workout Program

Recovery Gear
PainCakes Ice Pack
Telic Recovery Flip Flops - Get $5 off with promo code TITANAMANDAN
SLS3 Compression Sleeves
M80 Foam Rollers
Dr Cool Recovery Wraps
Live Infinitely Muscle Stick
Peak Win Athletics Foam Roller (video)

Running Gear
RunLites Gloves
Goldberg Gear Hydration Running Belt
Total Fitness Gear Running Belt
PRO Compression Marathon Socks
Tuvizo Reflective Running Vest

Lifting Gear
RIM Sports Knee Sleeve (video)
RIM Sports Lifting Gloves (video)
Sparkle and Sweat Lifting Gloves and Wrist Wraps
Brick Built Lifting Gloves
Bossywear Wrist Wraps

Yoga Gear
YogDev Yoga Wheel
Breathe Life Yoga Wheel
Stillmotion Yoga Mat
Think Fun Yoga Cards
FiveFourTen Yoga Straps

Naked Energy Pre-Workout
Naked Creatine
REDEEM Appetite Suppressant
IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic - Get 10% off your purchase with anyx10
IdealLean Cake Batter Protein Powder - Get 10% off your purchase with anyx10
Muscle Sentry Pre-Workout
Swanson Health Creatine MagnaPower
Vega Protein Powder
Swanson Health Cranberry Probiotics
MRM Driven Pre-Workout
BiPro USA Protein Powder
Swanson Health Tart Cherry
Swanson Health Melatonin
Extend Nutrition Protein Powder and Protein Bars
BeFit PRE Pre-Workout
Nubreed Helix BCAA
IdealLean Raspberry Lemonade BCAA - Get 10% off your purchase with anyx10
BeFit BURN Weight Loss
BeFit WHEY Protein

Nutrition and Hydration
ION Nutrition Meals
EnduroPacks Electrolytes
Hydrus Performance - free shipping on your order using code FITNYX
Ultima Replenisher
Run Gum
Tailwind Drink Mix
Phenoh 7.4 Sports Drink
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Subscription Boxes
Sapphire Soul - April 2016 (video)
Runner Crate - May 2016 (video)
Ashi Box - April 2016 (video)
Ashi Box - March 2016 (video)
Fun Run Box - February 2016
Sapphire Soul - February 2016 (video)
Sapphire Soul - January 2016 (video)
Sapphire Soul - December 2015
Sapphire Soul - October 2015
Foxy Boxes: Gym Goer Box
Bulu Box

JournalMenu Training Planner
AfterShokz Trekz Bone-Induction Headphones
Lexli Skincare Products
SmartWeigh Kitchen Scale
Drew Co Bath and Body Products
No Nips Bra Inserts
MealEnders Lozenges

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