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Thursday, January 21, 2016

RIM Sports Lifting Gloves Review

Lifting gloves.  Yup, I've already reviewed a couple different pairs, and really liked 'em, so why am I still reviewing more gloves?  The answer is simple: this is a very different type of lifting glove.  Unlike other pairs I've tried, these RIM Sports gloves are innovative: rather than needing a separate pair of wrist wraps, these gloves have the wrist wraps attached to the lifting glove itself, providing an all-in-one piece of lifting gear!  Since I hadn't tried anything like this previously, I just had to give them a go and let you know how it went.  BUT, since I have written several other glove reviews, I'm going to keep the writing here short, and instead talk to you via my first-ever VIDEO review about my experience with RIM Sports gear.

Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of gloves at no cost in exchange for my review.  I received no additional compensation.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

I really liked having both grip gloves and wrist wraps all combined - especially for my POUND classes, when I need my wrists locked and stable but also need extra grip on my very slippery sticks.  Not having to try to fit wraps under gloves that aren't meant to go together makes it much more convenient to combine support and grip.  The only downside to the convenience of the RIM Sports gloves is that you can't actually separate the two, should you need only one or the other.  For that reason, I'm still keeping a pair of gloves and a pair of wraps in my gym bag, in case I really only need one or the other.

The material was very comfortable, and the wrist wraps gave me TONS of much-needed support, but I had to be careful about pulling the wraps too tight.  When I cinched my wrists up tightly, it pulled down some of the fabric between my fingers, which over time got uncomfortable.  The palms of the gloves are nicely padded, and the back of the hand is a very breathable mesh that helped manage hand sweat and keep me cool throughout my workout.  The smalls were a very good fit for my little hands, too, so I would say these gloves run pretty true to size.

Want to know more?  Check out my YouTube video for a full review!

So there you have it - not just another pair of gloves!  Probably my favorite overall piece of lifting gear (so far) but not a complete replacement for separate wrist and hand gear.  Also, though I know the quality of my camera was lacking, I'm pretty happy with how my video came out, and am considering doing more video content in the future.  It's great for reviews, especially items that need demos, but it's even better for workouts and exercise demos, so keep an eye out for more videos posted here and to my YouTube channel, which I hope to build up over the next few months!

Have you tried lifting gloves or wraps yet?  Do you think you'd like having them both together in one product?  What'd you think of my video review?  Do you want to see more video content here in the future?

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