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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuvizo Reflective Running Vest (GIVEAWAY)

It's winter.  In the Midwest, that means cold, snow, and darkness.  Honestly, I hate this time of year, and am still kicking myself for not finding some way to move south ages ago - but I'm stuck here and I'm learning to make the most of it.  One of the things that, for me, typically suffers during the winter months is running.  Mornings?  Dark til 8.  Afternoons?  Dark by 5.  Guess what happens between 8 and 5...  OH that's right, I have to work.  So when can I run?

Well, until recently the answer was, "I won't."  Running in the dark can be dangerous and during the cold months, there are additional issues with temperatures and slippery road conditions.  Taking a dark-furred puppy along for the run is almost completely out of the question at night, too, because while people might be able to see my pale face in the dark, they definitely won't be able to see the dog below driver's eye level if she gets away from me somehow.  Enter the Tuvizo reflective running vest:

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review.  I received no additional compensation, and all opinions expressed herein are my own.

This simple, clip clasp, lightweight running vest comes in bright pink or bright green, and features reflective piping along every strap to keep you as visible as possible while you're on the roads after dark.  It's fully adjustable at all points (waist and both shoulders) and very easy to put on or take off, making it a quick-grab accessory you can hang by the door.  It took me some trial and error to figure out the best configuration for wearing the vest, but that's mostly because I'm very picky about the way things fit me.  First I had it too loose and didn't like the bouncing, but then I quickly tightened the straps down a bit and made for a more snug fit.  I'm still not 100% sure I have it juuuuust right yet, but I'll keep playing with it!

Once the vest is on, the biggest question is obviously "how well does it reflect?"  I was a little skeptical when I originally opened my package.  Gray piping lines all of the vest straps, but it's flat and dull-looking under regular indoor lighting.  No matter which way I turned it while inside, I couldn't get any hint of reflectiveness!  But then I asked my dad to come outside with me and take a photo using the flash, and then I understood:

That sunspot made me feel MUCH more comfortable running at night!  I also clipped blinking LED lights to Kaalia's collar to help keep her safe, as well.  With the vest properly adjusted, it's a very comfortable way to stay safe out on the roads after dark, even if it's not always the most stylish accessory!  Of course, if it's dark enough that you're worried people can't see you, I guess you're not too worried about how stylish you look anyway!

So what keeps YOU safe when you're jogging at night?  If your answer wasn't "my awesome reflective vest," then you probably need to enter my GIVEAWAY for one of TWO Tuvizo vests!  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win - contest ends February 23rd at midnight!

What gear do you rely on to keep you safe in dangerous conditions?  Do you use reflective gear or lights when you run at night?


  1. I'd prefer lime! And I also use a headlamp at night

  2. I usually don't run at night,'but in the early am when it's still dark, I stay on the busy lit streets. I would like either:)

    Lisa Verdon

  3. Love the pink one! I currently use a headlamp, a flashing arm band, and a flashing clip on light to stay visible while running at night. They definitely help a lot, but this vest would be even better!

  4. I actually kinda like them both! Weird, I usually don't like pink.

  5. I would love the pink color! I run with a flashlight or stay on a lighted trail.
    Sadie B.

  6. I'd love the pink! :) I wear a head lamp