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Sunday, February 14, 2016

BeFit PRE Pre-Workout

Pre-workout can be a tricky purchase for me, thanks to a caffeine sensitivity I'm still trying to understand a little better, but there are many days when that extra kick in the pants is vital to my success as a fitness instructor.  When you're in front of a class, it doesn't matter how long your day or your week or your weekend was, or how exhausted you might be from a tough workday or yesterday's leg workout.  You have to bring your A-game every time, and that means energy and enthusiasm.  I've been relying on pre-workout on those days when the A-game isn't quite there, but I'm still trying to figure out how to balance the extra energy with the need to sleep after classes!

As part of the BeFit 30-day workout program I'm trying, I also received a new pre-workout supplement, simply called PRE.  Like other pre-workouts I've tried, PRE features natural ingredients that provide key nutrients to enhance your workout and boost energy.  It's one of four supplement products from BeFit, and I had high hopes for this fruit punch flavored powder.
Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review.  When I have completed reviews of all supplements and workout products I received from BeFit, I will receive additional monetary compensation.  As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

Unfortunately, that fruit punch flavor is maybe the best thing about PRE.  And it isn't a very strong flavor, even though the powder does blend nicely into water with no grittiness.  That's the only thing I liked about this pre-workout.  I didn't get any noticeable energy burst from it, and I was testing it on especially difficult class nights that followed dragging days - exactly when I needed it most.  Instead, I got all the negative side effects of a pre-workout supplement: bloating, gas, and increased bowel movements.  In fact, my GI tract had so much trouble handling PRE that I actually messed up some of my class choreography because I was struggling so hard not to crop dust my front row!  Embarrassing and not at all something I want going on while I'm exercising.

Additionally, I suffered long after the workout phase was over.  My bowel movements didn't improve throughout the night, and I couldn't sleep a wink.  Despite not having enough energy boosting power at the time of my workouts, PRE did provide enough caffeine stimulation to wreck my sleep patterns, and when coupled with making constant trips to the bathroom, those nights were just awful.

Needless to say, PRE has already been removed from my supplement cabinet and likely won't be making a return.  All negatives, no positives?  I'll pass on that, thanks just the same.  Hopefully the other BeFit products I have to try will be a little better!  I can already tell you that the workout calendar and videos I'm using from BeFit are pretty good and will likely produce some solid results!  And not "solid results" like the PRE produced...  ;)

Do you use pre-workout or another type of energy booster before workouts?  What brands do you prefer?  Have you ever tried any of the BeFit family of products?


  1. Coffee is my preworkout. But I workout in the morning, so any GI effects have already passed (literally) by bedtime.

  2. Ugh....this sounds terrible! I don't do supplements much, especially preworkout. And I need to say THANK YOU for being so honest! I can't tell you how irritating it is that most "reviews" are poorly disguised ads or just ass-kissing.

  3. I use coffee as a pre pre-workout boost. Thank you for this honest review of BeFit PRE. It's definitely a product I will now steer clear of.

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