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Friday, May 20, 2016

Live Infinitely Resistance Loops

Resistance bands are an incredibly versatile workout tool, and a vital part of any home gym.  I have a set of resistance bands that are shorter and narrower, and they've been excellent for workouts, so I thought adding these Live Infinitely bands to have a longer, thicker set would increase the variety of exercises I can do with resistance bands. Unfortunately, I think once again my height and size have given me the short end of the stick (get it?!)... The bands were so much longer than any others I've tried that I couldn't really get many of my exercises to hit the resistance - that is, I simply couldn't reach far enough to stretch the bands to the point of resistance. There was too much "slack" and I pretty much had to use the XX-Heavy band for most exercises to get any workout. On the other hand, the wider bands were much more comfortable when wrapped around legs or arms than the narrower short ones, which for things like resistance wall sits was a very welcome improvement.

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review.  All opinions expressed herein are, as always, my own.

Some exercises, such as leg lifts and resistance push ups, actually DID benefit from the longer straps, allowing me a greater range of motion to target different areas than my shorter bands, so it isn't a total loss. I was still able to perform quite a few exercises even if I did have to use a heavier band to accommodate for the extra size.

The bands themselves come in five different resistance levels and are VERY durable, they're just a little long for me personally.  As a fitness instructor, I do know there are many people who find the "normal" length resistance loop to be WAY too tight, so perhaps those people would get much more benefit out of these loops.  They're convenient for storage at home or on the go (I currently keep mine in my suitcase so I always have something to work out with when I travel) and come with a nice little storage bag.  Live Infinitely has provided a few other products that have become regulars in my fitness routine, and although these resistance bands won't be my first choice in most cases, they're certainly consistent with the brand's quality and are a welcome addition to my arsenal!

What's your favorite home-gym/personal fitness type of product?  Do you ever take fitness equipment with you when you travel?

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