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Sunday, March 6, 2016

BeFit WHEY Vanilla Protein Powder

Protein powder is always a tricky supplement.  There are TONS available, all with different benefits and flavors and formulas.  Most protein supplements provide adequate protein for my needs, so when I look for new powders one of the biggest considerations I have is for the taste and the powder's versatility; that is, how easily I can incorporate it into other nutritional items such as smoothies or baking recipes.  My biggest struggle has been in finding a vanilla flavored powder that I would actually use enough to warrant purchasing a full-size tub - and I think, at long last, I might actually have found one!
BeFit WHEY seemed at first to be like any other vanilla protein powder I've tried: a little sour flavored, with a powdery texture that no amount of mixer-shaking could prevent.  Mixing with water versus milk had no real affect on taste as either medium simply tasted thick and slightly sour.  But then I started mixing it with foods, and I found my new favorite breakfast combination: strawberries and cream oatmeal with vanilla protein powder.  I'd actually grabbed the oatmeal in an attempt to try something new (I like strawberry flavoring but only in certain foods, and oatmeal hadn't previously been one of them) and to have something to keep in my drawer at work for mornings when I don't get out of bed early enough for breakfast.  Adding the whey was almost an afterthought, but now I've been enjoying the combination almost every day for a couple weeks, and it just gets tastier every time!

I've found that eating a big helping of oats and whey on mornings after my hardest workouts helps me get over the morning sluggishness that sets into my tired muscles.  The BeFit WHEY is more than enough protein to assist in muscle recovery, and the one-two punch of complex carbs from the oats and protein from the powder helps me stay fuller longer, so I eat less overall on days I have my delicious breakfast.  I have yet to try using my powder in baking, but it does blend up well in smoothies without any sour flavor or powdery aftertaste, so this BeFit supplement definitely gets my thumbs up for versatility, even if the straight powder doesn't taste so good on its own!

What's your go-to breakfast?  Do you have a preference for something specific after harder workouts to boost your recovery?

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