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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

RIM Sports Knee Sleeve

Years and years of soccer and lacrosse have left my knees... not good.  Now I'm running, lifting, continuing to put stress on a weak joint, and I need to be more careful.  I have been searching for a solution to my knee pain, and a better way to provide joint support, for ages.  Along that journey I tried the RIM Sports compression knee sleeve, with the hope that the added compression and support from the sleeve would help me safely increase the weight I'm lifting and provide a comfortable alternative to strap-on knee braces.

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review.  All opinions expressed herein are, as always, my own.

Unfortunately, I'm a little disappointed with my knee sleeve experience.  Whereas a strap-on brace is usually a little too adjustable and I have difficulty finding the right spot for proper support, the pull-on sleeve has NO adjustability.  Maybe I have the wrong sizing, but the sleeve cuts into my quad, my hamstring, AND my calf with every move.  My range of motion is severely limited because of how uncomfortably tight the sleeve is around the ends - yet the knee support area doesn't seem tight enough to give me full support either.  I'm afraid that ordering a size larger (I received a medium) would end up with even less actually compression and support, rendering the sleeve completely ineffective.

You can see from the picture above the deep creases in my leg after only 20 minutes of wear.  I may be more muscular in these areas than other people who might wear this sleeve, but since this kind of gear is usually used by Crossfitters and serious lifters, that's unlikely.  I won't be wearing the sleeve unless I absolutely have to; hopefully I can find a better solution to stabilize my knee before it's time to increase my weights again!

Do you suffer from knee issues?  Have you found a reliable support?  What experiences have you had with sleeves and braces?

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