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Meet Amanda!

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I have been many things in my life.  Blogger is just the most recent addition to a long list of roles I've filled and adventures I've taken.

My early life afforded me many opportunities to try new things, and though it was often times hard for my wonderful family to provide those opportunities to me, I could (almost) always be counted on to make the most of my many hobbies and activities.  I tried anything from gymnastics and dance, to horseback riding, to the arts (both studio and theater), to team athletics.  It was the athletics that eventually consumed the majority of my free time, as I became a high-level soccer and lacrosse player.  I enjoyed an immense amount of recognition in my high school and collegiate playing years, but soon after graduating college I was forced to back down my activity levels.

Since then, I have been working to slowly push myself back into the shape I used to enjoy.  My personal fitness journey started in Chicago, when I worked my way into the local running community and started to teach group exercises classes at local gyms.  Though I've had to relocate back to my family's home in Cleveland, my passion for fitness has only continued to grow as I've added more classes to my teaching schedule, more runs to my calendar, and more lifting to my workouts!  I continue to push forward to find my proper place in the world, which hopefully will keep me in the fitness industry for a long, long time.

Apart from my fitness hobbies, I'm also an avid crafter, playing with many different types of media and styles.  I crochet at my desk, make my own medal hangers, I've even spun yarn on the CTA!  My creativity always finds a way out!  I also enjoy a lot of nerdy hobbies, including online RPG gaming and LOTS of strategy board gaming!

If you'd like to know more, or have specific questions, feel free to shoot me a message or find me on social media - you can find lots of ways to reach me on my Contact page!  Wanna check out one of my classes?  Hit that Schedule tab up top to find out where I'll be teaching this week!

Current Licenses/Certifications

Zumba Basic (Zumba Fitness)
Zumba Step (Zumba Fitness)
Yoga I (FitTour)
CPR/AED (American Red Cross)
POUND Pro (POUND - Rockout. Workout.)

Fitness Publications

“Go for the [Right] Goal”  Active Acadiana, July 2015, p 26-27.

“Tabata Method: Interval Training for ANY Schedule”  Active Acadiana, September 2015, p 30.

“Our Fight: Women in MMA”  Active Acadiana, October 2015, p 28-29.

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