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Sunday, December 4, 2016

IdealLean Cake Batter Protein Powder

These days, there are hundreds of protein powders available, at supplement stores, grocery stores, even mass retailers like Walmart.  While it's nice that supplements are so readily available, there does eventually come a point at which the market is overly flooded - and many of the products in that flood are sub-par, low quality blends that don't offer much protein bang for your buck.  Getting a good nutritional return on your investment is important, and so is enjoying the taste of the product you're using.  Fusing a good nutrient label with a delicious taste is NOT an easy feat, apparently, as many of the protein powders I've tried have been unappealing or even downright gross!  Fortunately there are always other powders, and it was just a question of committing to the search before I found something not only protein-packed but delicious to consume.

Disclaimer: I received IdealLean products to try and review.  I am under no obligation to promote the product, and all opinions expressed in this and any related posts are, as always, my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

Honestly, IdealLean had me sold at "cake batter" - but only if the powder actually tasted like cake batter!  Though the nutrition panel on the container boasted 20g of protein with only 80 calories per serving (a pretty darn good ratio), making this powder a nutritional win, my first instinct is to find a product I'll continue to use.  In the case of protein powders, that means something tasty that I'll actually want to keep drinking.  My first test of taste is always powder plus water: pure, simple, with nowhere for a bad flavor or gritty texture to hide.  Even some of the best powders I've tried before are still kinda bland when mixed with just water, but not this one!  IdealLean's cake batter flavor was creamy and delicious even in plain ol' H20.  And the kicker?  FUNFETTI.  No, seriously.  There are little confetti pieces in the powder to make the cake-y experience even more realistic, which made me very happy!  Mixing the powder with milk only made it that much more batter-like and flavorful, making this my #1 favorite protein powder (edging out even my old favorite, red velvet)!

But protein powder is so much more than just a beverage, as I've been coming to find.  There are hundreds of recipes out there (try IdealLean's downloadable recipe book) for culinary creations that provide a big protein boost thanks to their incorporation of protein powder, and I just had to try this new cake batter flavor in another state of consumption.  My pick for my experiment?  Waffles.  Crispy, golden waffles.  Mixing a very basic batter focused primarily on the protein powder, I was able to make myself a very tasty, low-carb/high-protein breakfast.  I'm a sucker for the higher-carb breakfast foods, so I am thrilled to have a palatable morning treat that better suits my nutritional needs as well.

Now that I know the joys of protein powder cooking, I'm excited to try more!  I'm also excited to sample other flavors from the IdealLean line, and am fortunate to also have a big tub of chocolate coconut powder to play with over the coming weeks.  The protein content is consistent with other options, the calories are lower than other options, and the flavor is head and shoulders above the next best flavor I've tried, which sounds like a win all around.  This is also my third IdealLean product success, which gives me great hope for the next couple products I'll be trying and gives me even more confidence in sharing an IdealLean promo code anyx10 for 10% off your order!  Check out all their protein powder flavors along with other nutrition products to help you on your wellness journey - and don't forget they make great gifts for the nutritionally minded people on your holiday shopping list!

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