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Friday, February 6, 2015

Product Review: Gigabody Online Training Program (plus GIVEAWAY!)

Remember last September when I told y'all about ClassPass?  And then I took a whole bunch of awesome cross training classes for a while when I still worked downtown?

I really miss being able to bounce around to different classes, trying something a little different every day and always getting a great workout.  There aren't nearly as many fun fitness studios out in the 'burbs, and though my Zumba class schedule is bulking up, I still want to change my routine and keep my body pushing through new challenges.

Enter Gigabody, an online training program that mimics a collection of workout DVDs, accessible anywhere you can connect to the interwebs.  Basically, it's ClassPass for your own home!  UNlike ClassPass, though, Gigabody is only $8.99/month.  I just HAD to give it a shot!

Disclaimer: I was given a free two-month subscription to Gigabody in exchange for my review.  I was not compensated in any other way for this post, and all opinions expressed herein are my own.

Anyone who has ever attempted to live a fitness lifestyle has experienced, at one point or another, difficulty sticking with a dedicated program.  Whether it's a tough schedule, unpredictable weather, family limitations, job conflicts, or even just that general "difficulty establishing a new routine" kind of problem - we've all been there.  And we all know, one of the hardest things about adopting a fitness lifestyle or program is finding exercise that keeps you interested, motivated, and smiling!

Therein lies the beauty of Gigabody: with so many different types of workouts available at your fingertips, that old "I don't like just running" excuse goes right out the window!  You can do something new every day, or you can save up a library of your favorites and establish your own class schedule.  And because you can do it from any internet access point, you can workout wherever you feel comfortable.  Imagine taking a Bollywood Groove class in your own basement - all the benefits of a great group exercise class without the awkward self-consciousness of trying a new dance style in a room full of people you don't know!

For those more risque classes or intimidating moves, Gigabody is a step ahead: you can watch a full 40 minute dance routine, or you can watch shorter videos that break down the moves until you get comfortable enough to tackle the whole monster.  You also always have the option to pause and rewind to get a better understanding of the sequence, rather than having to struggle to keep up with an instructor who has to keep moving forward to finish the class on time.

Additional features available for some of the videos makes it EVEN EASIER to focus on your favorite parts - or get some extra practice on the tricky parts!  For example, the video in the image below has markers along the timeline so you can skip forward to particular songs/sections.  I've also highlighted one of the markers: as you can see, hovering over the timeline markers will pop up a description of that segment, including song title and workout focal point.

You can also see that every video is rated by other users, and that you can add your own rating and/or review if you really loved your workout!  The "favorite" button lets you build up your library once you've found something that really moves you.  Beneath any video is a full description of the style, goals, and background information associated with that program, so you can read up on the workout and preview it if you're not entirely sure you want to dive right on in!

I think the best part of Gigabody, though, would have to be the ways you can discover new workouts.  You can always search by style, but you can also specify a little bit more about what you'd like your workout to be, helping you find something that will fit your schedule, your energy level, your style, YOUR LIFE!  The search tool lets you select categories to narrow your options, but you can also choose from a series of pre-constructed Collections that offer you a variety of styles to suit a particular need, such as no-equipment, or even "sexy dance moves"!

So far I've used Gigabody to help me increase my repertoire for Zumba classes through a variety of dance styles - including an awesome Bollywood class that was recently added - and to discover new yoga sequences that are helping me expand my horizons during this month's #TakeTheLeap yoga challenge.  As I'm starting to broaden my class schedule to possibly include teaching boot camps, I'm also starting to use Gigabody to generate ideas for the incredibly wide variety of strength training moves that can be successful in a group fitness class.  I'm also looking forward to working in some exciting new cross training, like kickboxing, to help me stay in the best shape possible in 2015!

Overall, I am finding Gigabody to be an incredible personal fitness resource!  The ease of finding a workout that suits you is easily the best feature, but being able to see other people's reviews on a video, along with the workout information, is a very valuable tool as well.  I could easily see myself continuing my subscription to more fully explore what is currently available, and I'm excited to see what new videos are added!

But as usual, my word only means so much - you have to try it to really believe it.  That's why I'm GIVING AWAY an entire month of Gigabody for FREE!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below!  Contest ends Tuesday, February 17th, at midnight!

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ALSO - don't forget you can get 15% off your total purchase at prAna this month with discount code psps15FNYX!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram for the #TakeTheLeap yoga challenge too!


  1. The kickboxing ones look fun! (As does Bollywood! I learned a couple dances from my friends last year and really miss dancing with them!)

    1. They have some really great routines, plus there are enough videos that you can really mix it up!

  2. i like to dance or do strength training. I cannot keep a beat and don't go to the dance classes at the gym, this would be awesome:)
    Lisa V

    1. Honestly, it was only after years of Zumba in my basement that I felt confident enough to go get licensed to teach! I'm so uncoordinated (even now as an instructor). You can learn an awful lot from some of these videos and get in great shape at the same time, but without having to feel self conscious :) Good luck!