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Monday, September 14, 2015

Product Review: No Nips

Real-talk time, woman style.

Sports bras have come a long way in support and comfort, but every athletic woman knows how hard it is to find a bra that not only performs at your fitness level, but also holds in, well, your perky nips.  Exercise can be "exciting" (if you know what I mean) and while it's perfectly natural to be poking out a bit afterwards, it isn't always the most flattering or the most comfortable look for most women!

So what's a gal to do?  Tape or bandaids have been solutions in the past but ripping something like that off such a sensitive area isn't the most pleasant sensation.  Padded sports bras offer some relief, but again, it's hard to find the right fit and support in the limited range of padded bra products offered for athletic women.  Not to mention those days when you're wearing your favorite yoga shirt with that built-in shelf bra instead of an actual sports bra...

I love their slogan!
Photo source: No Nips Instagram

That's where No Nips saves the day!  A new product made from Polartec fabrics, No Nips are insertable into ANY bra or bra-like top to smooth out your chest after a tough workout.  It's a simple concept, really, but the advantage of No Nips is the material: durable, absorbent, comfortable, and machine washable.  Having many times suffered from overly-perky nipples, especially on cold race mornings, I was intensely interested in giving these pads a try!

Disclaimer: I was provided No Nips products free of charge in exchange for my review.  I have not received any other compensation, nor am I affiliated wtih No Nips.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

I had the perfect opportunity to test the effectiveness of No Nips just the other day: a cold, wet, all-around ugly afternoon, the first real September day we've seen so far.  My puppy was antsy, I was feeling lethargic, and it seemed a run was the best way to help us both.  I pulled on my gear and slipped a No Nips pad into my bra - only one, though!  I figured the best way to really show the effectiveness of the product would be to do a side-by-side comparison under the exact same conditions.  So, left breast had a pad, right breast was untreated!

We went for a little more than two miles in the humid, chilly evening - exactly the kind of weather and effort that would get my nipples hard.  The run itself was pretty fun, even though it wasn't ideal conditions, but that's probably because running with Kaalia is always awesome!  She paces with me nicely, understands the importance of stopping before crossing streets, and always wags her tail the whole way!  About halfway through our run, I started noticing the No Nips side was itching, but by the end of the run I was back to not noticing there was something in my bra.

When I got home, there was a VERY noticable difference!  Thankfully I was able to get a picture before I warmed up and relaxed too much, so you can see exactly how effective the No Nips pad actually was!  As I said, there was some slight itching mid-run, but otherwise the pad was quite comfortable.  It stayed nicely in place, and though the evening was humid and I was definitely very sweaty, the pad wasn't soaked or spongy.

Even with a hastily taken, poorly lit, potato quality photo,
you can see the difference!

I received the No Nips pads with a mesh washer bag, which was an unexpected bonus, so naturally I tested the "machine washability" as well.  I'm happy to report my pad held up to washing (I only washed the one I wore, so I could compare) with no noticable distressing, misshaping, or discoloration.  True, it was only one wash, but the stitching held up and the pad held its form, and those are the two most important things!  No lumping of the material under the fabric, either, so the pad still fits smoothly and comfortably.

I've also tried using these in one of my favorite yoga tops, one that has a built-in bra.  I sometimes wear that top to work, and it's REALLY COLD in my building, so it's nice to have the padding help keep me modest in the workplace (apologies for no photos, but trust me, they work).  No Nips come in dark grey (like mine) but also in nude, so you can wear them with just about any top without giving away your secret.

No Nips worked great for me!  I'm starting to use them more in the gym, too, and will probably wear them frequently when I'm teaching classes and all eyes are on me.  Definitely going to use them on race days, too, when I'm in the middle of big crowds and there are photographers mid-course!  If you're like me and suffer from embarrassing perky nipples when you work out, No Nips is a fantastic solution to keep you modest and confident!

Do you have problems with your "post workout appearance"?  How do you solve those pesky (or perky) issues?  Do you think you'd use an insert product to help?

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  1. I have never seen these, but they would come in handy, for sure.