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Friday, April 1, 2016

Fitness Answered Resistance Tubing

Ever since I moved back in with my parents while my divorce settles, I've been searching for the perfect home fitness products: equipment that is versatile, easily stored, and even portable, to fit the small space I have for the time being while still giving me as much workout potential as possible.  Obviously, weight machines or even free weights take up a lot more space than the small bedroom I'm using currently, so home fitness has needed to take a different form.

Imagine my excitement when I found I could get a challenging, variable, full-body workout all in one little bag!

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

This resistance tubing set includes SEVEN different levels of resistance in 5lb increments, plus a wide array of attachments that connect to the tubes with metal carabiners.  Each tube is covered in a protective, colored cloth that helps prevent the tubes from catching and tearing (which would lead to dangerous snapping); the durable cloth does not limit the stretch of the tubing thanks to heavy scrunching.  Because the ends of each tube are not permanently attached to handles, you can use the carabiners to couple tubes of different resistances together to increase the overall resistance for an exercise, leading to virtually endless strength-building possibilities.

But that's not the only way this full set from Fitness Answered Training (yes, that's FAT) provides incredible versatility.  There are two sets of standard handles included, but there are also a bunch of other attachments such as ankle/wrist straps and even a door mount that turns any door frame into an anchoring point for an even wider variety of exercises.  Because you can anchor the tubes virtually anywhere, the directions and ranges of motion available are virtually unmatched by any other home-fitness system.

Don't just take my word for it, though.  Check out this great example of a full body workout using resistance tubing completely on its own (without any additional mounting equipment), or any of the hundreds of tubing workouts available on the Interwebs:

So remember at the beginning of this post when I listed three criteria for the ideal home fitness equipment?  This FAT resistance tube set provides just about everything you could ask for in a home fitness solution.  It is versatile, offering countless exercise options.  It is easily stored in any size home, and even comes with a storage bag to keep all the resistances and attachments together.  It is also portable - you can toss that storage bag into your car or even into your suitcase and take these tubes with you anywhere you'd like to work out.  I can't wait for summer, when I'll be able to head to the park and get my sweat on outside!  For an effective home fitness solution that challenges you without breaking your bank or cluttering your space, I definite recommend a full set of resistance tubes!

What are your favorite resistance tube exercises?  What is your ideal home gym setup - machines, or portable equipment?

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