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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ZIN 52 has landed! With Step bonuses!

One of the best perks for being a Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) member is the monthly mailing.  Every other month, ZIN members are sent a new ZIN album: a CD/DVD combo with new music and multiple choreography options for each song.  In the months between ZIN albums, we also receive Mega Mixes, with new music but no choreo.  With the constant influx of new music and routines, it's easy to keep a Zumba class fresh and fun!

My licensing class was one month late to the party for ZIN 50, which many instructors seem to think was one of the best ZIN albums ever released, but I did get my license in time to receive ZIN 51 - and after listening to both 50 and 51, I firmly believe 51 is WAY better.  But that's just my opinion.  Now, with ZIN 52 in my hands, I'm almost nervous to pop it in for a listen!  I'm not entirely sure I want to unseat 51 as my favorite so quickly, but I'm also worried 52 will be a big disappointment!  Do I really have to go through this every other month?!

Honestly, I'm sure it'll be great.  And if it isn't, I just have to wait a month before I get the next disc!

I also got a little extra this time 'round: my first two Zumba Step specialty albums arrived!  The Step specialty license gets me four additional CD/DVD combos for Step-specific routines - and I'm *definitely* excited to give these babies a spin!  I'll receive a total of four Step-specific albums, so once I've mastered these, I have plenty more coming!  Zumba Step is such a cool idea, and I firmly believe it has the potential to really take off as the next Big Thing in fitness classes.  Hopefully, with a little practice and a lot of energy, I'll be able to provide the best instruction possible for a Step dance class!

As always, you can check out my Zumba class schedule on my ZIN page.  It's a little thin as I adjust to the new job in the city, but you should see more classes popping up soon!

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