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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The start of an exciting journey...

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Lao Tzu wasn't just whistlin' "Dixie".  I'm a person of many passions, and if there's one thing I've learned in this life so far, it's that if you want something, YOU need to be the one to take those first steps to make it happen.  No one is going to come along and simply hand you your dreams.  Well, for some people that happens, but I'm not one of those lucky few!

This blog is in many ways a first step for me, but I realize even now as I write this, I took some of the "first steps" towards this months ago, when I made a commitment to live healthier and return to the level of physical activity I enjoyed for most of my life prior to moving to Chicago.  Those other first steps were hard, but I took them, and this blog is the next step on the exciting road I've been traveling.

I have always been "fit", having played soccer and lacrosse almost my entire life - culminating in a highly decorated collegiate career, then fizzling out soon after as Life Happened.  I went through some hard times and fought through some of the roughest situations that can happen to a young woman.  I struggled to stick with my athletics, and after a couple more pleasant years in a new town, I had gained some unwanted weight and became grossly out of shape.  This year, I made a New Year's resolution I was determined to actually keep, and laid out some potential goals towards that resolution.

The first was to become a Zumba instructor.  Zumba fitness classes had helped me through some of my toughest moments, and I fell in love with the brand.  I realized my goal this past April, when I was able to attend a Basic training class and receive my license!  Since then, I have held class with two gyms, and provided a class for a very exciting community service group doing great things in Chicago's poorer neighborhoods.  I've also challenged myself with the Zumba Step specialty, and can't wait to teach the newest form of my favorite workout!

The second goal I set early this year was to try a mud run.  I've never been a competitive racer, except when I was a sprinter for my middle school track team, so the prospect of even a 5k was daunting.  Rather than tackle "serious running" head on, I opted to aim for a more "fun" version, and signed up in May for my first obstacle course race.  When that experience ended incredibly successfully, I threw caution to the wind and began signing up for any races I could afford!  So far this summer I have completed three 5k road races, one 5k trail race, and three obstacle course races - and I have a full schedule for the rest of the year as well!

Ultimately, I want to be fully immersed in the fitness industry, both as a hobby and as a career.  I can't make the full leap yet, but I am definitely making the journey despite life's speed bumps!  I encourage you to follow this path with me as I chronicle my adventures herein, and hope that my experiences in the world of fitness can help inspire others to enjoy the same happiness I have come to find.

Thank you for reading, I can't wait to tackle the horizon with you!

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