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Monday, August 25, 2014

A new level of SORE


I've got the DOMS something awful after yesterday's 11.5 mile race - but not in my legs, which despite mid-afternoon knee pain yesterday have recovered surprisingly well overnight.  Instead, it's my arms and back that are crying out in agony.

Though I'm no stranger to back pain, I'm used to having it in my very lower back and in my shoulders.  Today, my mid-back is on fire with every motion, and I am not loving it.  The awkward location seems impossible to crack back into place or reach with enough force to rub with any sort of effect other than that pushing-on-a-bruise feeling.  The plus side: I'm sore here because I kept myself more upright for the entire run, and didn't lean forward too much, so at least I did the "right thing" form-wise.

My arms were getting more used to the sore feeling earlier this year when I was lifting a little more, but it's been a couple months and apparently I got wimpy again.  I know these pains were more or less my own doing; in choosing to carry a towel with me while I ran, I added the grasping motion that inevitably would strain my tired muscles.  But it was soooooo humid!  I needed that towel!

I do have to say, I am VERY impressed with my legs for coping so well with the run!  I guess we'll see how the 48-hour recovery goes, but the 24-hour seems to have been great for the lower body.  The upper body?  Well, I'm getting stronger, right?


  1. What recovery supplement do you use?

    1. I don't - not yet, anyway. I'm new to this long run things, do you have any to recommend?