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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A stunning realization

Went for a very easy short run tonight to stay loose, only logged about a mile and a half, but still happy I went out and moved tonight.

Then I came home and checked in to MapMyRun to jot down some notes on tonight's run - and was incredibly surprised to see my total mileage for the month.  By the time I complete Sunday's half marathon, I'll be over 50 miles for the month of August.

That's not a lot for veteran runners, but it's an awful lot for me.  Prior to August, my most run-tastic month only charted 10 miles, and those were pretty hard-fought.  This month, I've pushed myself a lot farther, but haven't really felt so much strain.  And to me, that's what this summer was really all about: finding myself on the road.

I am so thrilled to be not only meeting, but surpassing my goals by such wide margins.  It makes me incredibly excited for the future, and for all the things I have yet to accomplish - but know now that I will.

Two thumbs waaaaay up!


  1. I'm giving you two thumbs WAY up too :)

    1. Thanks! I'm excited for the next big milestone goal - 100 miles in a month!