' Hungry? | Adventures with FitNyx

Monday, August 25, 2014


I've notice since I started running as a more consistent hobby that I am hungry ALL THE TIME.  And yes, I eat more complex carbs and proteins and all that other "keeps you fuller longer" stuff...

Is this normal?  Do all runners feel like they want to eat 24/7?  What do you do to satisfy those cravings?!


  1. Yes it's normal. At least for me it is. Since I eat clean.... I eat anytime I am hungry. Don't count calories or anything. there's a reason you are hungry (need to eat) so by eating you keep your energy and metabolism up. :) Happy munching!!!!

    1. Anyone who gives me permission and a good excuse to keep eating is basically my new best friend ;)

  2. Yes, totally normal. I sometimes track my calories in & out with My Fitness Pal to figure out how much I need to eat, and how to balance my calories among carbs/protein/etc.