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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Goodbye humidity!

Tonight's little run was my first in what could officially be considered "fall weather" and I loved every step.  It was cool, breezy, and completely lacking humidity.  I haven't run in weather like that since, well, maybe ever!

I used to think summer was my favorite season: it was always warm, I could be outside all the time, and I loved wearing tank tops and shorts!  But the last couple summers have been HOT, not warm, and the humidity has been beyond belief.  Perhaps it was like that when I was younger too, and I just never noticed, but I'm definitely noticing these days!  After tonight's run, and thinking about last Friday's five things list, I'm beginning to believe fall is actually my favorite season.  Certainly as a runner it will be better than slogging through the heat and moisture of the summer.  And pretty soon the leaves will start to turn, and I'll get to run through arches of color everywhere!

Photo from xtri.com

I'm excited for fall running season.  I'm hoping to nab myself a 5k PR before the snow hits.  Also, I'll be participating in my first virtual race, volunteering at a couple high-profile races, starting a new Zumba class, and launching into a new cross-training plan!  The next couple months promise to be very busy and full of unique experiences - and I can't wait to tackle every challenge that comes my way!

See you on the (not so humid) road!

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