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Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Things Friday: Making the most of a rainy day.

Chicago apparently skipped the whole summer-fall transition period, and is trying to jump directly to winter.  Temperatures nearly halved in the past week, leaving us with rainy, windy, chilly days leading into our weekend.  BLEH.

It's pretty, but I prefer to stay inside.

This might be partially my fault: maybe I spoke too soon and jinxed us when I posted last week that I was learning to love fall more than summer.  My bad, guys.  But now, I have the opportunity to write about my favorite ways to enjoy the rainy days!  So somehow it still worked out in the end.

5. Try an exciting new class!

Conveniently, I've had the opportunity to get involved in ClassPass in the past couple weeks, which gives me dozens of boutique fitness studios and hundreds of classes from which to choose.  I can pop in on a barre class one day (like last night - sooo sore!), then stretch out the next day with yoga, all through one easy membership.  It's a great way to cross train, and makes those icky don't-wanna-run days an asset rather than a setback.

4. Write an article or two!

Blogging is fun, but not always easy.  Some days it's hard to develop content, but other days you're overwhelmed with dozens of brilliant ideas.  I've been jotting down my ideas or starting drafts when I think of them, and then taking some time on these indoors days to flesh out fuller articles.  Now, I've got several completed articles waiting in the wings for just the right day - I hope you enjoy them when they make it to the stage!

3. Play games!

Yup, I'm a nerd.  Cat's out of the bag - though it's never really been a big secret.  I met my husband through a shared interest in Magic: the Gathering, which ought to tell you a little about just HOW nerdy we really are.  To us, rainy days are perfect for gaming.  Some days we're on our computers, leveling or tackling dungeons in Wildstar or Tera (mmorpg games), other days we're up in the living room, fighting global disease outbreaks in Pandemic or vying for control of the French countryside in Carcassone.  And of course, some days we're casting spells and summoning nasty creatures in an ever-cuthroat game of Magic.  When you can't go outside, just bring a different kind of playground right onto your table!

2. Make something new!

I love to craft - I even have an entire room dedicated to my supplies and creative whims.  A rainy day is a perfect excuse to pull out some ModPodge, crank up some tunes, and put something together.  Currently, I'm trying to make race bib and medal displays, for myself and as gifts for the other runners in my life.  I should actually have a finished product this weekend, so check back to see!


Obviously, we can't always just turn off or shut down just because it's raining - but when you have the time for yourself, and going outdoors is an iffy option, just stay inside and chill out!  Curl up with a blanket and a loved one, throw on a great movie, grab some snacks, and make a no-pressure day of it.  There's nothing more important in our lives than taking that step back to reset, and rainy days are the perfect excuse to go easy on yourself for a while.  Plus, quality time with loved ones!  I know Hubbsy and I will definitely be taking this route tonight!

How do you spend your rainy days?  What's your favorite indoor activity or workout?

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