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Monday, September 1, 2014

Game night!

You may not know this about me yet, but I'm a huge nerd.  And a gamer.  And a gamer nerd.  So is my husband - it's actually the shared interested that brought us together in the first place!  Tonight we agreed that I was in need of a non-fitness night, so instead, we played games!

We played a fun little game called Storming the Castle to start.  It's a simple game based on the movie The Princess Bride.  Our first round was a tough, even battle, and my husband's victory was definitely well-earned.  We played a rematch game, and I won on turn two.  I couldn't even feel good about the win, it was just so much good luck for me and bad luck for him.  So we switched to co-op mode and pulled out Pandemic.  This was only our second time playing, but we crushed all four diseases - and eradicated two - quickly and with ease.  Let me tell you, that game is MUCH more fun when you're winning.

Finally, we wrapped up the evening with a few games of Magic: the Gathering.  We're pretty much MtG junkies, but we haven't had much chance to play lately, so it was really refreshing to dive back into one of our favorite games.  We played a few rounds, and I believe we split the wins, but the highlight of my night was a phenomenally crushing victory with one of my favorite decks over one of my least favorite opponent decks!

Yeah, that's probably a safe lead...

He beat me pretty soundly on the next game, but with a much less flashy scoreboard!  It was nice to spend the night away from screens and in my pajamas, rather than at the computer or out running myself silly.  Even us fitness enthusiasts need our days off!

What do you like to do on your days off from training?

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