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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Class Pass Launch Party!

Class Pass is now in Chicago!  And tonight, they're kicking off three straight days of launch party classes!

What a wonderful team!  Thanks ladies!
Photo credit: Joel Maisonet

What is Class Pass?  It's a network of boutique fitness studios that have come together to offer an amazing deal: instead of paying for memberships or individual classes at various studios (and accumulating a huge cost in the process), Class Pass combines memberships to ALL of those studios for one monthly discounted cost!  You get 10 classes UNLIMITED classes per month for only $99 - and those classes can be used at dozens of fitness studios in your city, and you can use up to three of your monthly classes at the same studio if you find something you really like!

Class Pass is great for keeping your training fresh and exciting.  One week you may take a yoga class and a barre class, the next week you're at Flywheel or dancing yourself silly!  You get to try classes without having to commit to any one teacher/style/studio/timeslot, which lets you take full control over your training schedule.

Tonight, I'm trying a barre class at Exhale Spa!  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!  Meanwhile, check out Class Pass and start Living the Sweaty Lyfe!

EDIT: I originally posted that Class Pass gives you 10 classes per month, but the program recently switched to UNLIMITED monthly classes, so it's an EVEN BETTER DEAL!

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