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Friday, September 5, 2014

Five Things Friday: FALL

Looks like this "Five Things Friday" is a pretty popular type of post, so I'm going to give it a try.  I'm also going to draw some inspiration from Laura over at Fit Running Mama, and will base this first Five Things post on the upcoming fall season.

SO, without further ado, five things I'm looking forward to in the coming season!

5. Cooler running weather!

Never thought I'd be "that girl", but I just can't wait to run in the crisp fall weather.  Not cold enough to be freezing, not hot enough to be muggy, but juuuuuust right!  I also hear most runners hit better times and are more likely to PR in the spring and fall, because the awful heat is no longer a limitation - definitely looking forward to seeing the fruits of my summer labors.

4. Apple cider and caramel apples!

I'm pretty sure I don't really have to elaborate on this one.  Is there anything better than the feel of your teeth sliding through a gooey layer of caramel before biting deep in to a crisp, fresh apple?  Is there any sweet nectar more satisfying than the chilled taste of cider dribbling down your throat (and probably your chin if you guzzle the stuff like I do)?  Pumpkin spice, stand aside: these are the TRUE flavors of fall!

3. Craft fairs!

I AM a crafter, but before I dove into making things of my own, I used to visit all the fall and holiday craft fairs with my mom and her sisters.  Shopping at fairs was a tradition, and even though we rarely made any purchases, it was always fun to see the incredible lengths to which people took their creativity.  Now that I actually participate in fall craft fairs myself, I still like to visit as a consumer to admire other peoples' work and snag a few tips and ideas for my own projects!  The crafting community is as vibrant as I'm discovering the running community to be

2. Halloween and Thanksgiving!

I'm fitting a lot of favorites into this part: everything from the food (pumpkin rolls, pecan pie, candied yams), to the movies (Hocus Pocus, anyone?), to the decorations, candy, and costumes...  Fall's major holidays are my absolute favorites!  As much as I hate having the weather turn cold, I still love the festivities, and these holidays make the temperature descent far more palatable by keeping me excitably distracted and well-stuffed!

Annnnnnnnnd, my number one favorite thing about fall:


Yes, this is a real thing.  I got my first taste of The Coolest Fall Activity Ever last year, when I took my old team on a trip to the Siegel's Pumpkin Farm fall festival.  They had all the typical trappings: hay rides, petting zoos, tons of fall foods, a giant corn maze, and of course a massive pumpkin patch.  But the main attraction (for us, at least) was the paintball experience.  Load up on a converted military truck, grab a gun station, and get ready to blast the undead!  We rode through the woods, unloading paintballs on zombie actors at various stations along the way.  It was exhilarating, despite being a little less competitive than typical paintball, and it made for a perfect team outing.  I've already mentioned zombie paintball around the new office, and I'm almost certain we'll be heading out that way again this year!

So, what do YOU love about fall?

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