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Friday, September 5, 2014

Yumvelope: All-Natural Snacks!

Hey there healthy eaters!  I've been seeing a lot of buzz about the Yumvelope subscription service, that delivers a monthly package full of all-natural goodies direct to you.  Though I've never tried it myself, I do hear a lot of great reviews.

For $21/month, you receive a big envelope with at least six full size products.  You might get snack bars, popcorn, coconut water, desserts, coffee - who knows?!  It's great for sampling a wide range of all-natural products without having to commit to any particular brand or flavor.  Plus, we're talking full-size products here, which if you've ever shopped in the "health foods" aisle, you know cost a pretty penny when you buy them separately.  Seems to me like you're getting a pretty good deal - but again to be clear, I have not tried this service myself and cannot speak from my own experience about quality or quantity.  You can check out Erica Finds for some more information: Erica originally reviewed the service over a year ago, and is still using the service, plus she posts an unboxing each month upon receiving her Yumvelope!

While I'm not entirely sure I can afford it just yet, I'm trying to win myself a sample box from the Yumvelope Double-Stuffed Giveaway this month!  Hopefully I'll get lucky so I can give y'all a proper review of some of the products and companies with which Yumvelope partners.

Of course, YOU could always win too!  Enter here and give it a whirl!

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