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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Help Me!

I keep tweaking and moving things around and trying new things here at Adventures with FitNyx, and while I'm for the most part happy with the changes I've been making, I realized I haven't really received much input from YOU, my readers!  Many of the changes I've been trying to implement are in the interest of making this site better for visitors, but it's pretty hard to know how well I'm succeeding when I'm not asking for feedback!

With this in mind, I've created a feedback form and I'd love to have you take a few minutes to let me know how I'm doing, what you like, what you don't like, and what you think can be done better here on the blog.  It shouldn't take too long, and all your responses will be kept confidential.  Adventures with FitNyx has so much room to grow, but I want to be sure I'm providing helpful, interesting content to everyone who stops by to read.  Your help in this is vital!

Please be sure to scroll all the way down and click the Submit button to ensure your responses are recorded.  You can also access a larger version of the form here.


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