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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekly Roundup - January 25th through January 29th

Another exciting week on the blog and in my life!  I've been receiving a LOT of interesting products to try, and not all of them have been winners!  Plus, linkups and goal setting and runfessions!  Here's what you missed this week from Adventures with FitNyx!

Monday - The Weekly Chase: Back to Strong

Getting in the habit of setting weekly, small-scale goals is already helping me focus my energies and get things done!  This week, it's time to start working on upper body strength again, which I let slip over the holidays (in favor of eating more, whoops).  What goals did you set this week?

Tuesday - Total Fitness Gear Running Belt Review

With hundreds of companies trying to cash in on the fitness marketplace, not every product can be a winner.  I tried a new running belt and was intensely disappointed with its performance.  And from the comments I've received so far, it sounds like there's a much better product to meet my running needs!

Wednesday - Sapphire Soul January Unboxing: New Moon Wishing

My fitness plan for 2016 includes not only body, but mind and soul fitness.  When I discovered Sapphire Soul back in October, I didn't know how big of an impact this box service would have on my life, but for the past few months the magic of Sapphire Soul has been helping me reconnect with my own spirituality.  The January box offers a comprehensive guide to making 2016 a year full of dream fulfillment and success, and I'm LOVING it!

Thursday - Blueberry Muffins and a Kitchen Scale

I hear a lot about food portioning and using a kitchen scale to better measure out what you're eating, which can assist in cutting back on needless calories.  I'm not quite ready for all the math of food portioning like that, but I definitely wanted to start playing with a scale so I can someday add that to my nutrition plan.  Check out my favorite blueberry muffin recipe, too!

Friday - January Runfessions

In this monthly linkup, fitness bloggers confess... well, whatever we need to get off our chests!  It's the first Runfessions of 2016, and it's also my first time participating, but it can actually be a little relaxing to throw some of these thoughts and confessions out there on paper/screen.  Do you have anything to Runfess?

Supplement Sunday sneak peek: MRM Driven pre-workout.  Though I have a caffeine sensitivity, I still like to take pre-workout on especially tough gym days.  Someone suggested a more natural caffeine source might not be so bad - but if you wanna know if it worked, you'll have to check back in tomorrow!

What were some of your highlights this week?  Any exciting plans for the weekend?


  1. Oooh - great round up! I'm so interested in the Sapphire Soul ... checking it out as soon as I publish this comment! And ... the runfessions linkup? So excited to join in! Didn't know it was out there! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Runfessions is fun, and often pretty funny! Plus, people are so supportive! And definitely check out Sapphire Soul, it's easily the best subscription box I've ever heard see.

  2. I'd never heard of Sapphire Soul before, but it looks great!