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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday Word: Accountable

This week's Wednesday Word is accountable, and boy is this a good one for me to have to wrap my mind around for a bit.  Generally, I'm pretty accountable for the things I do for others, but I have difficulty holding myself accountable to myself.  My struggle is readily apparent in the constantly inconsistent nature of my blogging, as well as my flakiness on hobby commitments.  I tend to make a lot of excuses (some legitimate, others less so) but later I feel bad for not keeping those commitments.  I'm not really one for making new year's resolutions, but if I had to make one for 2016 it would be to figure out how to hold myself more accountable, and to follow through more often on projects or comments I start.

With some of the major life happenings I have on the horizon, staying accountable is likely going to be more difficult for me than ever.  In the interest of creating better habits and forging a new level of accountability in my personal life here are some things I'm going to try to keep myself on track in the coming weeks and months:

  • Create shorter term goals for myself to break up larger goals into more manageable pieces.
  • Post more of my personal goals on the blog through the Weekly Chase linkup.
  • Create to-do lists - and make sure I'm actually checking things off in a reasonable time span.
  • Schedule time to tackle projects that have gotten behind or need specific focus.
  • Keep calendars of due dates or planned deadlines.
  • Dedicate space to certain types of tasks, such as office space to blogging and work.
  • Maintain better levels of organization, both at home and at work.
  • Determine some sort of self-reward system for accomplishing daunting tasks.
I'm not 100% sure any or all of these things will actually help, but I'm trying what I can think to try and we'll see how it goes!  I am, of course, open to suggestion for better ways to establish accountability measure in daily life, so if you've tried something that has worked wonders in your life, there's a comment form at the bottom of the page with YOUR name on it!

Deb Runs

Do you struggle with accountability?  What helps you stay on track?


  1. I'm good with things that interest me (meal planning, fitness) and really bad at the things that don't (house cleaning, decluttering).

    Rewards are always a good motivator!

  2. I can make a to-do list, but then I forget to check it!

  3. I am totally with Judy on being motivated to do the things I enjoy doing such as meal prep, baking, running, organizing. But I def slack with things I know I can put off. I just took my Christmas tree down on Sunday...yikes!

  4. I am with Judy in the sense that I am good with the things that interest me and that I enjoy such as running, writing, and stuff with the kids. But I really do NOT enjoy meal prep. I am trying to set aside 1-2 hours on weekends to organize meals and cut all my veggies so it doesn't seem so overwhelming throughout the week!

  5. I try to keep a schedule. If it's important to me, it's on the schedule and I get it done.

  6. There's nothing like checking something off my to-do list... It's such a satisfying feeling.

    I love the Roosevelt quote!

    Thanks for linking up!