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Thursday, November 6, 2014

November Blog Challenge!

I'm still wading through the mess I've made of my life by suddenly uprooting my career - but for the most part, the pieces are falling nicely into place!  I am finding a lot of clarity and direction, sometimes in surprising places, and I have a solid and practical expectation for the next couple months.  Pretty soon, I'll be able to focus more on the fitness and blogging parts of my life than I have in the past couple weeks.  In anticipation of this exciting future, I've decided to join Farrah at Fairyburger and a slew of other bloggers in the November Blog Challenge!

Thirty days, thirty prompts, and a whole lot of "getting to know you" content!  Of course, I'm already a little behind, and there will be days I can't sit to write a post, so you may see some of these topics condensed into a single post - what matters most to me is that I follow through on EVERY topic!

I'd love to start RIGHT NOW, but I'm in the middle of a work day and want to truly put some time into the first few posts.  You'll likely see more tonight, maybe tomorrow, and definitely over the weekend.  Not only will I have things to say for this challenge, but I also have some reviews and event recaps coming up, plus a California vacation on the horizon that ought to give me plenty to share!

November is going to be an exciting time!  Who's ready to take the challenge with me?

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  1. Hello hello! :] I just turned it into a linkup so it'd be easier to follow everyone's posts! Let me know if you'd like the script to use on your blog! :] Otherwise, feel free to link up at the bottom of my post! (http://www.fairyburger.com/november-blog-challenge/)

    (Super jealous that you're going on vacation to California! I wish I could go back to visit my family for the holidays! *-* I hope you have a ton of fun!)