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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blog Challenge Days 1-8

Alright!  It's time for my first November Blog Challenge post!  Since I'm getting a late start, I've tried to briefly address each day of the challenge so far, to get myself back up to speed.  Enjoy!

11/1: 20 Facts about Me

I'm gonna owe y'all this one.  I want to take some more time with the prompt, but I also don't want to get further behind on the challenge.  Look for 20 Facts About Me in a few days.

11/2: Favorite Quote

How the heck does one pick their absolute favorite ANYthing?!  As I'm currently on a Rumi kick, let's go with one of my favorite "RUMInations" - you'll be seeing plenty more of these on my Instagram account in the coming weeks as well.  This guy KNOWS what's up!

11/3: Ways to Win My Heart

  • Sing for me.  Doesn't mean you have to have a good voice, or even necessarily sing TO me, I just love when people let loose.  Try to know the words - or even better, make up new words and have fun with it.  People are so much more genuine when they're singing.
  • Show your support.  And I don't mean go crazy; you don't have to rush to every mile marker on the half marathon course to be there with a sign when I go by to show you support me.  There are plenty of little ways you can show you believe in my goals and dreams, but you definitely DO have to believe in me.
  • Have interests.  We don't have to share every interest, but it's wonderful to see someone who has hobbies or curiosities when they are in pursuit of their related goals.  Living with purpose is so important...

11/4: Songs I Currently Love

  • "New York State of Mind" - I love me some Billy Joel, but I also shamelessly love the Glee duet version.  It's a great song for mid-long-run, helping me ease into a sustainable pace with a smile on my face.
  • "Animal" - Really there are several Neon Trees songs I've been jamming too lately, but this is probably my favorite!  So much gosh-darn fun to bop out with this on!
  • "I Know You Know" - The Friendly Indians wrote the theme song for Psych, one of my all-time favorite shows.  One of the catchiest tunes on TV, and a definite favorite.
  • I listen to TONS of music, all the time.  These were the first three that came to mind, but there are probably a hundred other songs I could put here - so maybe I'll do a longer post focusing on Songs I Currently Love some other time.
I probably should have put Shawn Spenstar and
Gus T.T. Showbiz on the list too...

11/5: Fears

  • Severe injury.  I've had more than my fair share of concussions, and hundreds of sprains and strains; so far, I've never had anything that took me out for more than maybe a week.  But I feel like I'm tempting fate, and worry that the next injury is going to be the last...
  • Spending the rest of my life stuck in dead end jobs and watching my dreams pass me by.  I've rolled up my sleeves and did the jobs I had to do for a long time already, and the thought of having to do it for the rest of my life scares me.  I hope that someday I'll have finally done all the right things to get me where I actually want to go.

11/6: Pet Peeves

  • Loud chewing or breathing.  Is it still a pet peeve if it's technically a neurological disorder...?
  • Lack of turn signal usage.  C'mon people, you're putting lives in danger here.
  • Walkers who don't know race etiquette.  ONE SIDE, PEOPLE.
  • Also, people who stop dead right in front of other runners.  Thanks for the injury, jerk.
  • Leaky headphones.  If you've ever been on public transit, you know what I mean.
  • Chronic lack of awareness of your surroundings.  We all do it occasionally, but when you're always off in your own world but you're doing it in the middle of a crowded public place, snap out of it man.

11/7: What's in My Bag

Currently, I only have my normal workday bag with me (no fitness stuff tonight) so we'll just look through that.  Let's see...  My wallet, of course.  Some pens and receipts.  A mini mp3 player for the train.  A brush (always).  Keys, lots of keys.  A pouch with deodorant, face wipes, and hair ties.  And my current crochet project: a yoga mat bag!  Bonus on this one: it's all in my #Run10FEED10 bag from one of my favorite races a few weeks ago!

When I have a fitness bag with me, I usually have shoes relevant to the fitness event, at least two full changes of clothes, a few sticks of MESTRENGTH, and my favorite ClassPass water bottle.  I almost never take my own yoga mat to classes - but that's more of a "lack of proper container" issue, hence the aforementioned yoga mat bag crochet project!

11/8: Worst Habits

  • Comparing myself to others.  Tsk tsk, Amanda.
  • Biting my nails.  But I'm getting better about that!
  • Playing the victim.  I need to remember to take advantage of my inner strength more often.
  • Leaving messy piles, especially of clothes.  Not dirty-messy, just, not put away.

Okay!  That's it, I should be all caught up for now!  Tomorrow, it's Hot Chocolate time, then back to more of the November Blog Challenge!  Anyone else running this weekend?


  1. Very much agreed on the living with purpose! I love people who can sing. :] Forgot to add that one in mine, but that'd score some definite bonus points!

    I'm also with you on the pile of clothes. I've kinda just been keeping my washed clothes in a pile in my hamper, just so it's less all over the place, but I doubt that really makes too much of a difference. :x

    Hope you don't mind that I linked up your post with the others! :]

    1. YES! That's great, I certainly don't mind! I think you've sent me information on the link up too, I just haven't had a chance to sit an look at it yet. Thanks!