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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blog Challenge 29: What's In My Makeup Bag

Sooooooooo...  I don't really do the makeup thing, really.  I own tons, because every year I go through some inevitable "I'm gonna start wearing a tiny bit of makeup to work" phase and buy more stuff, but I never end up using any of it.  Just the other day, my husband was wondering what I would look like with some makeup.  Once my eyelid heals a little more (it's going well so far) and I feel comfortable putting something other than medicine on it, I'll give it a go.  Not that I have a clue what I'm doing, but I'll try anyway!

Since I don't have a makeup bag to share, here's a quick glimpse into the crazy collection I've amassed over the years:

Okay, so there IS a makeup bag in there.  But it's really just
additional storage, not an actual carry-with-me bag.


  1. hahaha, I'm like you in that respect! I keep telling myself I might as well wear some to "work," but I never end up actually doing it, and my collection just keeps on growing. (sigh) Hope your eyelid recovery goes swiftly! :]

    1. Thanks - it's almost healed, just a few more days (I hope)!