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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weekly Roundup - January 11th through 17th

I'm trying a new thing: every Saturday I'll post a quick recap of that week's blog posts, Monday through Friday, with a sneak peak at my anticipated Sunday post.  I think this will be a nice follow-up for the new linkup I've started joining on Mondays, the Weekly Chase, which sets short-term goals to be revisited on a regular basis.  Let's see how this roundup thing goes, and be sure to tell me what YOU think.  Love it, hate it, don't care, want something different - you know where to find the comment section!

Monday - The Weekly Chase: New Job Prep

My new linkup aims to set weekly goals and check in regularly to move forward in small steps.  I have big plans for this year, but it's going to take organization, drive, focus, and accountability to make my dreams come true.  Participating in the Weekly Chase ought to help me break huge goals down into manageable pieces so I can constantly make noticeable progress without feeling overwhelmed.  This week, I tackled the steps I'll need to take while I prep for my new role as a race director!

Tuesday - Sparkle & Sweat Lifting Gear Review and Giveaway

With my increased weightlifting activity, I've had a lot of products to play around with and get a feel for how they can assist.  While the gloves weren't quite my size, the wrist wraps I tried were a match made in heaven for me and my POUND classes!  Plus, I always love to put good products into the hands of my readers, so I was thrilled when Sparkle & Sweat agreed to a giveaway.

Wednesday - The Wednesday Word: Accountable

How timely!  I chuckled a bit as I wrote my "accountability" post just days after joining the Weekly Chase, so this week's posts had a coincidental (or maybe not eh) theme.  Rather than discussing what accountability means to me, I took the opportunity to contextualize my weekly goals into an action plan, outlining ways to accomplish not only this week's goals but inevitable future goals.

Thursday - Sapphire Soul December Unboxing

My second Mindful + Mystic subscription box was just as amazing as the first, and I was excited to show off every last item that was included!  Honestly, I liked writing this review because it challenged me to take better photographs and practice working on interesting setups, lighting, and filters.  One of my (formerly) unspoken goals with the blog this year is to take better photographs, and posts like these really help me learn.  I don't always succeed, but I definitely learn from failures too!

Friday - Five Friday: Favorite David Bowie Songs

This week was marked by sadness as two major cultural icons died from cancer.  I took the Friday Five linkup as a chance to pay some small tribute to a favorite musician and a favorite actor.  Writing this post also gave me an excuse to keep playing Bowie songs all week long, even after what most people considered a "suitable" length of mourning time!  I also got to write a non-fitness, non-product post, which can sometimes be a nice break.

Sunday Sneak Peak - Supplement Sunday

Last Sunday I reviewed melatonin sleep supplements; this weekend I'll be talking about my experience with tart cherry extract, which is used to reduce inflammation and pain in joints.  I realized I have quite a few supplement products, including protein powders, pre-workout, BCAAs, and other goodies on my backlist for reviews, so I've decided to make Sundays unofficially "Supplement Sunday".  If I generate some interest with other bloggers, perhaps Supplement Sunday will become a new linkup - and I'll get to take my turn at hosting!

Well there you have it!  A quick synopsis of what's been happening at Adventures with FitNyx and a glimpse of what is to come!  What'd you think - informative?  Interesting?  Refreshing?  Boring?  Stupid?  Let me hear about it so I can make sure I'm delivering content you actually WANT to read!

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  1. I like the idea of recapping the week's posts! I've enjoyed all of them this week!