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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Weekly Recap - January 18th through January 22nd

A look back at this week on Adventures with FitNyx!  I missed yesterday's Five Friday post due to an unexpected and large project at work that took my time and focus, but I still had some exciting posts to share!

Monday - The Weekly Chase: New Job Prep Part 2

I followed up on the goals I set last week, and outlined what still needs to be done.  Some of my goals are still a little broad but I'm making progress and should be ready in time for that new position to start!

Tuesday - A Valentine's Alternative

Though Valentine's Day is still a few weeks away, it's never too early to start practicing self-love.  My life has been crazy over the past couple years, but I've learned that the more time I devote to showing love for myself, the easier it is to move forward and find joy in life.  Tuesday's post talked a little more in-depth about the ways I've been celebrating self-love, and gives some suggestions for how you can too!

Wednesday - Quality vs Quantity

Another week, another Wednesday Word!  This week we talked about quality, and my take on the word was an emphasis on workout quality over number of workouts.  Last fall I amped up my training schedule and started to feel burnt out, but by decreasing my workouts I was able to put more energy and quality into what was left, so I could continue making progress and keep enjoying what I do.

Thursday - RIM Sports Lifting Gloves Review

Though I've reviewed other gloves, this is the first pair I've tried that combines the grip and hand protection of traditional gloves with built-in wrist wraps for added wrist support.  It's also the first time I've done a video review!  The gloves were a great combo; I'm hoping to try other RIM Sports lifting equipment in the future!

Supplement Sunday sneak peak: BiPro USA Protein Powder!  Tomorrow I'll be reviewing the new protein blend from BiPro USA, which comes in three flavors.  Which was my favorite?  You'll have to check in tomorrow to see!

What are some of your highlights from this week?  Anyone stuck in the east coast snowpocalypse?  How'd you manage your workout schedule if you were snowed in?

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