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Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Five: Favorite David Bowie Songs

While I'd love to pretend like we didn't lose David Bowie AND Alan Rickman in the same week, it happened, and it made me really sad.  I've had Bowie on pretty much 'round the clock since he passed, so I've had a lot of time to decide which of his many amazing songs are my actual favorites this week.  So today instead of trying to keep on the general fitness theme of this blog, consider the Friday Five as a little tribute to BOTH Bowie and Rickman through song.

For some reason I am having so much trouble today centering most my images and video embeds.  I apologize for the lopsided post!  Enjoy the music!

5. Ziggy Stardust

C'mon, Ziggy is classic.  This song defined Bowie and set the tone for most of his career - plus, it's a fun song even when you take away all the fashion and flash!  Any "top Bowie" songlist should have Ziggy Stardust as a staple.

4. Heroes

My affection for this song might stem a little from a couple of the covers I've heard of it, including the brief sampling in Moulin Rouge.  It's a very pretty song, and I like the lyrics a lot!  I'm including a video that runs a bit longer than the song, because it opens with Bowie talking to his audience and I think he's just hilarious.  Also, how well did this guy age??  He looks more and more amazing across the years!

3. Young Americans

I've been really digging on this song all week.  It hadn't really been on my radar previously, but this week it's really been speaking to me.  It's catchy and very poppy, but it's great for sitting back and chilling for a bit.  And for some reason, it makes me want to choreograph a Zumba routine...

2. Under Pressure

What do you get when you mix David Bowie with Queen?  Something incredible, that's what.  I was a Queen fan before I was a Bowie fan, but it was probably this song that got me listening to more Bowie in the first place.  The vocal styles of these two pop icons blend together so creatively, Bowie bringing the deeper soul and Freddie killing it with his power.  An instant classic!

1. As The World Falls Down (slash, all of the Labyrinth soundtrack)

All dark, rapey thematic undertones aside, this is probably my absolute favorite Bowie work, both individually and as an entire movie.  While the special effects may not completely stand the test of time, Labyrinth has become one of my all-time favorites over the years, largely for the music and specifically for the ballroom scene.  The costuming and scale of the scene are gorgeous and just a hint of creepy, which serves the song perfectly.  Bowie's croon permeates every facet, bringing the dreamy quality of the scene to a new level.  And yes, like many other ladies, this scene makes its way into my own dreams quite frequently.  I'm not ashamed to say it - Bowie may have some of the craziest makeup in Labyrinth, but that doesn't make him any less of a hottie...

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What are some of your favorite Bowie songs?  What's your favorite movie and why is it Labyrinth?  What's your favorite Alan Rickman role?


  1. I saw David Bowie back in 1985 when he was touring for his Let's Dance album. Can you even believe it?