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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sapphire Soul December Unboxing - Sacred Celebration

Yikes - posting the December box in mid-January.  Party foul, I know, but the holiday season was berserk and Blogger deleted half my posts, soooooo...  Not the best of excuses, but I'm catching up as fast as I can!

***UPDATE!  Use promo code GARNET on any new Sapphire Soul Mindful + Mystic subscription in February this month to receive a free garnet stone (the January birthstone) in your next box!  OR you can use code SMUDGEME instead, for a free smudging/cleansing item in your new subscription!  Last month's New Moon box sold out - so make sure you order your Valentine's gemstone box right away!  It's the perfect romantic (and unique) gift for the mystic you love!***

Like my October Hamsa themed Mindful + Mystic box from my favorite company, Sapphire Soul, the December box pulled together a fun theme with plenty of awesome goodies!  Though slightly less cohesive than the Hamsa box, the Sacred Celebration series was equally exciting and I'm once again a very happy customer!

Disclaimer: I was sent the December box free of charge in exchange for my review.  I have received no other compensation for my review; however, this post DOES contain affiliate links.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

The keynote item in this month's Mindful + Mystic box is the sankofa wrist sari, which I received in a beautiful deep blue.  The sankofa symbol roughly translates as "go back and get it" - with the deeper interpretation of "remembering the knowledge of the past as you move forward."  It's a wonderful item to include in the last box of the year, reminding us to remember the lessons of 2015 as we develop new goals and set our sights on the horizon of 2016.

On theme for "Sacred Celebration", the box also contained several items for establishing sacred space, including a pretty gold candle, charcoal blocks for smoking incense, and Sapphire Soul's signature Sacred Celebration gem-infused mist.  The spray smells SO HOLIDAY!  A mix of frankincense, myrrh, balsam, and cinnamon, infused with citrine and and pyrite, the aroma definitely sets the celebratory tone!

I also received some chakra care, in the form of a Buddha Tea for my heart chakra and a pair of Rainbow OPTX chakra glasses.  The concept of chakra glasses was foreign to me before receiving this box, so at first I wasn't sure how my violet glasses were going to be of use.  After a little research, I learned that the glasses are designed to filter only certain wavelengths of light (tied to the color of the lenses) allowing certain energies and chakras to be better stimulated.  Violet affects the crown chakra, and can be used to stimulate healing and find a balance, or to affect dream activity.

I was surprised and excited to see I had a Dive In Deck in my box too!  Last fall I had heard about the Dive In Deck and was very intrigued.  The beautifully illustrated cards are designed to inspire deeper introspection (if used in personal meditation) or to foster more soulful connections when used as conversation prompts.  I will likely be drawing upon some of these cards for future blog posts, as I am hoping to focus more on self-love in 2016 and a huge part of that will come from learning more about my true self.

And finally, it wouldn't be Sapphire Soul if the box didn't include some healing gemstones and a little dash of humor!  Much like the "Talk to the Hamsa" mug in my first box, one of my favorite items in December's set is the little Yoga Joe I received!  I wish I had the whole set, to start my own tiny military yoga studio.  I also received some Himalayan salt crystals, which are ideal for cleansing and purification.

All in all, another delightful box from Sapphire Soul!  It's always easy to see the value in these boxes, and creator Allison's curation skills are unparalleled in any of the many other boxes I've seen on the market.  Mindful + Mystic remains my top choice for both personal spirituality and as a gift idea for the spiritual junkies in your life.  Recently, Sapphire Soul also added quarterly boxes to their shop, and I'm quite certain these larger-than-life boxes are going to be truly special!  Hopefully I'll get my hands on one early!

Have you tried Sapphire Soul yet?  What's your favorite item so far (either from your own boxes or, if you haven't ordered one yet, something from my posts)?  What other subscription boxes have you received?

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