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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ClassPass Launch - Exhale, Flywheel, and The Dailey Method

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a core fusion barre class at Exhale Spa as part of the ClassPass Chicago launch - but I didn't make it to the other events they ran the rest of the week and couldn't tell you anything about the other classes.

Fortunately, when I made a new friend, I picked a good one: Natali wrote all about her experience at all THREE ClassPass launch events, and shared them today!  Here's a quick summary of her recap, but be sure to head over to The Race That Never Ends to read the full article!

Awesome jump-shot courtesy of Azuree Wiitala.

Core-Fusion Barre at Exhale Spa: "The exercises started off easy enough.  However, as they gradually increased in difficulty both the ladies around me and I couldn't help but laugh whenever we slipped or couldn't hold a pose.  It was a low pressure class and from what I could tell everyone really enjoyed themselves.  Our instructor was smiling the entire time."

Cycling at Flywheel: "Goodness gracious.  From the moment we were in the saddle she kept us motivated and pushing harder than I thought my legs could pedal.  Her high energy and infectious spirit kept us going when we thought we had nothing left to give."

Yoga/Barre at The Dailey Method: "The stretching was just what I needed.  My core felt strong and engaged the entire time.  It was a workout but super relaxing.  We did a mix of yoga, barre, and some weights that worked your whole body."

Show Natali some love for her excellent recaps, and be sure to check out ClassPass!

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