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Friday, September 12, 2014

Nesquik Invasion!

There's been a lot of research done into hydration and recovery fluids, but the most exciting discovery has been about an unusual recovery beverage: chocolate milk.  Who would have known that the delicious treat we enjoyed as children (when we behaved, of course) would end up being a top choice for post-run hydration?

Mmmmm chocolaty goodness...

As part of the nationwide surge to promote chocolate milk in an athletic context, flavored dairy product leader Nesquik has taken to the streets, handing out samples and talking about the benefits of the decadent drink.  While some have discredited the research results as an attempt to push back on schools who have removed chocolate milk from their cafeterias (a huge threat to future sales in the dairy industry), I for one would like to believe that chocolate milk really does aid athletic recovery.  But maybe that's because I love chocolate milk.

Either way, when I saw the Nesquik team on the Chicago streets near my office today, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to drag their whole crew back to the office with me!  They were happy to oblige, and chocolate milk was had by all!

Apparently we just missed their bunny mascot.  Sad.

It made for a nice morning surprise, and they even stocked our fridge too!  So what do you think - do you believe the research?  Is chocolate milk your choice for recovery?  Or do you think all the hype is just the dairy industry fighting back in a market that might be failing?

The Nesquik guys were out promoting on their own, and were happy to stop in, I was not paid or compensated in any way (beyond the bottles of chocolate milk!) to provide a review or to promote the product, any opinions expressed herein are my own.

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