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Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's all genetic.

Today, I just want to take a second to share some of the spotlight with the two most important people in my athletic past: my parents.

I've worked pretty hard over the years, and put in countless hundreds of hours, but I wouldn't have done ANY of it if it weren't for my mom and dad always encouraging, pushing, inspiring, and (sometimes) scolding me to do better.  But even before that, I literally wouldn't be capable of some of the physical feats I've accomplished if they didn't give me some race-ready DNA.  I didn't know them in their youth (obviously), but it's fairly easy to see how athletic they were back in the day just by looking at some of their most recent accomplishments!

She'll hate that I posted her one and only "selfie"...

Mom has been having an impressive amount of success with softball over the past few years.  She plays recreationally in the area, but also participates in the Senior Olympic Games every year since she became eligible (though you wouldn't know by looking at EITHER of my parents that they're actually officially seniors).  So far she has earned TWO gold medals and one bronze - WOW!

In the running world, trophies mean business.

Dad, as you've seen previously on my blog, has taken to running, and is pretty competitive, especially in the 5k distance!  Despite the blurry photo, you can probably tell that he's holding a running trophy, which he earned for placing first in his age group at a local 5k.  He also took third in his age group at another 5k that we ran together - and he would have placed higher if he hadn't waited for at the top of the grueling hill!  I can't wait to see if he tries to Hustle up the Hancock next year - I know he's been eyeing the challenge, and I guarantee he'll tackle it with gusto if he gets the chance!

So there you have it - the bling runs in the blood!

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