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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Help Team Ortho prove Women ROCK and get some cool stuff!

Chicago is lucky to be a hub for so many activities.  We get special attention from a lot of sectors, which allows the city to play host to hundreds of exciting groups and programs.  Team Ortho is one of those groups, operating in both Minneapolis and Chicago, that fuses the great healthcare networks in the area with the amazing running community.

Team Ortho, a non-profit organization since 2004, has a fantastic mission:

"To improve and enhance the lives of orthopedic patients through our commitment to supporting research, education, and advancements in orthopedic technology; and to promote good muscular, skeletal, and join health by encouraging an active lifestyle including training for and participating in amateur athletic events."

The team hosts a handful of major events in both cities each year, the proceeds of which go towards orthopedic research via organizations such as the Orthopaedic Trauma Association, the Shriner's Hospital, and the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation.  Participating in Team Ortho races is a great way to give back to the community and to the future of medicine.

BUT, there's also this whole thing where Team Ortho puts on AMAZING RACES!  Coming up this month is the Women ROCK half-marathon/10k/5k, a race targeted specifically towards women.  I've heard some rave reviews about this event, and decided to offer my hand this year as a volunteer to be a part of the excitement!

Unfortunately, at this time, the volunteer staff is looking a little light.  Team Ortho delivers high-end events because of their volunteers, and this race should be no different.  If you've got some time on September 27th, lend a hand and help give participants the event they deserve.  Team Ortho rewards all volunteers with free swag and points towards future race entries, so not only are you giving back right now, but you'll be able to participate in a later event!

You can get more details about open positions and sign up on the Team Ortho volunteers page.  Right now the greatest need is for course marshals, so come join me out on the course to keep runners safe!

See you out there!

At this time, I am not directly affiliated with Team Ortho, just a volunteer helping to spread the word.  Using my name as a referral on the volunteer application will award me additional incentive points, but I am more concerned about the race having enough volunteers to run properly; you may certainly choose to leave my name off the application if you like.  


  1. Hey Amanda - I wish I could I signed up for the Park Forest 5K. So odd to have both races on Saturday.

    1. No worries, it's a little last-minute, just trying to reach as many possible helpers as possible! Good luck in your race!