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Friday, March 4, 2016

Returning to the Towpath

Just wanted to take a few minutes out of my daily crazy to let you all know that I have added two races to my 2016 schedule!  I likely won't be running as many events this year, but I have my heart set on tackling my first full marathon towards the end of the year, so a few races in between can help me stay on track and benchmark my expectations for that marathon.

This weekend I'll be warming up with the Arnold 5k while I visit (former) home sweet home, Columbus, for the Arnold Fitness Expo.  There is a pump-and-run option, but I'll just stick to the road racing for now!

Wait...  Is Arnold going to start us off???

Then, in April, I'll be attempting my third half marathon - by returning to the Towpath Trail!  I ran the Towpath 10-10 last year and loved it so much, I ended up working as the volunteer coordinator for the Towpath Marathon in the fall!  It's very possible that this year, I will be running that marathon, if I can't get into my first choice (the Marine Corps Marathon).  Should I manage to have all three weekends off this year, I'm eyeing down that Towpath Trilogy award!  It'll be an even more amazing experience to run the Towpath now that the organization and the trail itself have so much more of a personal connection for me.

How can I stay away from this amazing course??

As soon as I can settle into a schedule, I'll be starting a marathon training series here on the blog, documenting my journey as I chase that 26.2!  And definitely keep an eye out for recaps from these races as I finish!

Any advice for a first-time marathoner?  What are the most important things to remember - and to avoid?  Anyone want to run one of these races with me??

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