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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Year in Review: Cross Training

Signing up for WAY too many races was only the start of what rapidly grew into a fitness-focused lifestyle this year.  Mud run experiences early in the year opened my eyes to the need for full-body training, and as I got more invested in fitness, I started taking more opportunities to cross train.  Having the chance to try ClassPass opened a lot of doors, and I got to try things I never would have dreamed were even an option!

Favorite Group-Ex Class: Core Fusion Barre at Exhale Chicago.  I went back as often as I could while I still worked downtown!  It's the kind of class I have actually considered making the two hour round-trip every week just to experience the energy and enthusiasm of my favorite instructor John!  I've also purchased hand-held weights just so I can try to recreate the class on my own here at home.  It's always a difficult workout, but John always knew the right way to push me towards greater results!

Least Favorite Group-Ex Class: AIR Fitness.  OH man.  I felt awful after this class, and ended up never going back.  Maybe it was the ropes cutting into my legs, maybe it was the 24 hour nausea that followed, but something about AIR was just a total turn-off.  Sometimes I think maybe I should have gutted out a couple more sessions, but mostly I'm thankful I never went back!  At least I got a really cool photo though...

Most Life-Altering Group-Ex Class: Yoga Jams at gratitudeYOGA.  I'd had a couple experience with yoga prior to finding Lisa at gratitudeYOGA, but until my first Yoga Jam I never thought yoga would be "my thing."  But something clicked that morning, and I found some clarity and self-discovery that surprised me and truly touched me.  I went back every chance I got, and even found a way to bring some gratitude into my old office.  Lisa has changed my life in so many ways, and I can't wait to see her again - this is definitely a class I would make the long trip downtown to keep taking!

Favorite Moment as an Instructor: PlayStreets Zumba!  Of course, another aspect of my class experience this year has been teaching group ex classes as a Zumba instructor!  Though I only complete my licensing at the end of April, I've repeatedly managed to find opportunities to teach all over the city!  I started at the Y, found myself at a dance studio downtown for a while, and most recently picked up several classes right here in my own neighborhood - but the most fun I've had teaching this year was the charity class I did for PlayStreets this summer.  Not only does PlayStreets offer an amazing cause, but the children and parents who stopped in to dance with me were all a total blast!  I haven't seen so many smiles all in one place in....  well, maybe EVER!

What I'm most excited for in 2015: This is a toughy.  I'm torn between my new Z classes (I even get to finally lead a Zumba Step class!) and the opportunity to put together my OWN cross training program.  I won't likely have as many crazy class options, but I definitely will have the chance to get in touch with my trainings needs on a more personal level, and that is definitely exciting!

Primary goal for next year: Cross training is more than just workouts - it's nutrition as well.  Though 2014 found me much more conscious of what I put into my body, and saw me perfecting the art of the homemade smoothie, I have a LONG way to go before my nutritional efforts can properly complement my activity efforts.  I'd really like to pull this last piece of the puzzle into place over the next twelve months, even though I know it'll be incredibly difficult.

How did you cross train in 2014?  Did you have an experience that really made an impact on your training or even on your life?  What's in store for your 2015??


  1. Looks like you had an awesome year! Props to you on trying so many cool fitness classes! I'm really curious about aerial yoga and have always wanted to try it, but alas! No chance to at the moment. That's awesome that you got a great picture out of it though! (I'm sorry that you felt so horrible after the class though! :[ That definitely doesn't sound like fun. :/ )

    1. It's definitely one of those things that *probably* gets better with time and practice, as your body adjusts. I'll admit I wimped out, but I don't think I regret it - I loved shopping around and definitely learned a lot about myself, but I also found my comfortable niches, and that's important for that whole "sticking with it" part of the fitness lifestyle!