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Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Year in Review: Racing

My first year of endurance racing has been crazy and amazing!  I've learned so much about myself and pushed well past what I previously thought were my limits, and I've racked up some numbers I never thought I'd see in my life!

Total mileage (since starting the hobby in April): 134.5 miles

Month with the most mileage: August (51.87 miles)

Month with the least mileage: July (4.17)

Longest run: 13.1 miles

Total number of races completed: 20

Number of 5k races completed: 15

5k PR time: 29:08 (A Race for Maggie's Place)

Number of 10k races completed: 2

10k PR time: 1:02:19 (#Run10Feed10)

Number of 15k races completed: 1

15k PR time: 1:52:32 (Hot Chocolate 15k)

Number of half marathons completed: 1

Half PR time: 2:44:40 (Chicago Women's Half)

Oddball distance races completed: 1 (Fort2Base 10NM)

Favorite race this year: Honestly, a tough pick.  Probably a three-way tie...

Least favorite race this year: Muddy Monk Thriller 5k

Accomplishment of which I am most proud:  Besides actually starting the fitness hobby in the first place, it's easily running my first half marathon with my dad.  I didn't meet my goal time, but I finished the race (and so did he) despite soaring temperatures, minimal training, and a lack of properly-fitted shoes!  I proved to myself that I can complete 13.1 miles, and now I'm itching to do it again!

Primary goal for next year: To be more consistent.  To actually *train* instead of just running when I feel like it.

Speaking of training, tomorrow I'll be posting a look back at my experience with cross-training this past year, including fitness classes and nutrition, before wrapping up my Year in Review with a look at my blog's performance in its first year!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Great racing year! You sound like me when it comes to running. Sort of training but not. I am working on being more consistent too!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, sorta but not, haha! We'll get there!

  2. Hey, for your first year in all of this, you are doing pretty damn fantastic, my girl! I hope that we get the chance to run together this year!

    1. Thanks! I've had a lot of inspiration and plenty of people pushing me, it's been a blast! We'll find each other one of these days :)

  3. Wishing you best of luck for this year! :)