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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Weekly Chase: Working on Nutrition

Happy to report that last week's strength goals were almost all met!  I didn't make it to boxing, as I had very busy evenings and then slept in too late on the weekend to make it to available class times, but everything else was a success!  It's a great start towards rebuilding my habits, and those goals will stay ongoing as part of my regular schedule.

This week, I'm going to try to start focusing on my nutrition a little better.  I'm an atrocious eater, and I notice more and more that it's causing huge self-sabotage issues with my fitness and body image goals.  Starting to pull my diet back in line ought to be a big step towards performing on the next level and matching my appearance to my fitness level a little more accurately.

  • Drink a protein shake every day.  Protein is chronically lacking in my diet, which is unfortunate - protein breaks down slower than the simple carbs I typically eat, so a higher protein consumption will help keep me fuller for longer.  This can cut back on some of my needless snacking.  Plus, protein is important for muscle building and recovery.  More protein in my diet will only serve to augment my gym time.
  • Pack a lunch for work.  My office diet is either nothing at all (causing me to overeat when I get home) or whatever junk food is in the vending machine.  Neither of those options are very healthy!  Even if it's just a time-tested PB&J and a cup of yogurt, I believe packing a lunch will get me eating in a more timely fashion, and providing more nourishment than a candy bar when I DO eat.
  • Get back into smoothies.  While I'd love to say "make a smoothie every day", I know that's not going to happen quite yet.  Instead, I'd like to try to consume at least three smoothies over the course of the week, either home-made or from a decent smoothie store (no McDonald's smoothies here).  More smoothies equals more fruit and veggies, both of which are severely lacking in my normal diet.
Changing my diet habits will take a long time.  I know this.  That's why this week's goals are somewhat simple.  If I can start small, and actually forge some habits, eventually I can stack bigger building blocks on the foundation I lay now.  The biggest changes have to start small, or the shock of change will be unsustainable.  I know if I make the commitment at the basic level, I will eventually be able to make the bigger commitment of A Healthy Diet!

Road Runner Girl

What weekly goals are YOU chasing?  How well did you accomplish last week's goals?  Check in with hosts Road Runner Girl and Molly Ritterbeck to see how everyone's Weekly Chase wrapped up, and how they're all moving forward in the new week!


  1. Good luck with your goals Amanda! Working on changing my eating habits is a constant goal for me too! I've seen a lot of people make ahead little bags of fruits and veggies for smoothies, then when they want to eat one they just pull it from the freezer and add juice or water.


    1. Yes! I used to prep my smoothies the night before and just blend them up real quick in the morning for a fresh breakfast - but it's harder to do that when you don't really have your own kitchen or fridge/freezer space :(

  2. (Krystal) I need to add more protein and more meals into my diet. I normally do this with Protein Shakes but when the weather is a bit colder, I don't crave the shakes as much.

    1. Protein shakes are tough to drink in the cold, I agree! It's like ice cream: I know I want it, but BRR!

  3. those are some great nutrition goals! I can't do smoothies in the winter but I do like to make protein bars or a quick egg sandwich in the morning. A nonfat latte is also a great protein boost :-)