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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Blog Status Update

Hi friends!

I spent most of last night's "blogging time" working on some blog maintenance I haven't spent much time on lately, so I don't have any new content for today.  Instead, I've updated some of the other pages on Adventures with FitNyx, so check out some of the new (and updated) links on my top bar!

Meet Amanda now functions more like a CV for my fitness certifications, publications, and events.  If you're looking for race recaps, this is where you should start!

Fitness Classes has been simplified from a temperamental calendar to a more straightforward class list.  I've also cut back on my teaching schedule to make room for other opportunities, so you'll find most of my classes will be at my favorite gym!

Product Reviews is a new tab that serves as a repository for - you guessed it - product reviews!  As my list of reviewed products grows, I'm trying to keep them easily accessible and categorized for easy access.

Blog Affiliations is still under construction, but will be housing all the brand ambassador and blogger collective buttons that used to be in my sidebar.  Head over to this page to show some love to the fantastic communities that have helped make Adventures with FitNyx possible!

Discounts and Promotions has been updated to provide more relevant shopping links, and will hopefully be home to more exciting discount opportunities once I have more time to devote to brand ambassador and affiliate programs.

Thank you, as always, for your readership and your patience as I experiment with the future of this blog.  I am hoping to find the time in 2016 to move to a better site with a more streamlined interface, which will give Adventures with FitNyx a cleaner look, increased interactivity, and a wider range of possibilities for sharing content.  I also have several big blog series planned once the planets align to make them possible, so stick around!  This year promises to be my best yet!


  1. I like all the changes! Our blogs are always a work in progress, aren't they?

    1. A constant challenge to be sure, but one of the most fun challenges around!