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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekly Roundup: February 1st through February 6th

I'm starting to feel like taking Fridays off from blogging might not be a bad idea.  Thursdays are my busiest days, and with running season around the corner, my weekends will be too full to prep much content in advance (especially since the content to come will be so much more in-depth than my previous posting history).  Still, in general I am doing so much better with consistency on the blog, and I've gotten to try some really interesting products lately!  Here's what you missed this past week!

As always, I started the week by setting some goals.  Knowing how bad my diet really is, I'm trying to start being more conscious of nutrition, so this week's goals are intended to help lay the foundation.  I'll be honest though - I'm struggling, and I've only met one of these goals this week.

This funky piece of fitness equipment surprised me a little!  I wasn't too sure what to expect from this little thing, but I still managed to work up a sweat and put some decent strain on my muscles.  The Body Trimmer is just the first of many home fitness products I've acquired to play around with - and once I have a clearer picture of how I'm going to approach it, I'll be starting a series on building and using a home gym on any budget and for any set of goals.  Roughly penciled in for early summer!

Wednesday - Blog Status Update

With big plans for Adventures with FitNyx swirling around in my head, I'm trying to lay some groundwork and play around with some options for revamping the blog and moving forward.  It's taking away from content time, but I'm okay with it.  Especially since I got to spend the maintenance time at a delightful local restaurant!  Check out a summary of what's new in Wednesday's post!

I tend to dislike using weight as a measure of anything other than the pull of gravity on an object, relying instead on functional fitness and the way I feel to judge progress (and, in brutal honesty, I consider the way my body looks to be an indicator too), but there are other types of body measurements that can be helpful in creating goals and monitoring progress.  I tried a new scale with lots of measurement functions to see if I could enhance my goals through technology.

Supplement Sunday Sneak Peek: Helix BCAA Post-Workout

How was your week?  What were your highlights?  Have any exciting plans for the weekend?

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