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Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday Shopping Guide: Recovery Stocking Stuffers

Every athlete at any level risks their body every time they train.  Even with proper form, technique, and awareness, the threat of strains, pulls, fatigue, and overuse lingers daily.  Why not help your favorite athlete heal faster and recover better with some great holiday stocking stuffers?!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

PainCakes - The recovery that sticks!  This awesome little ice pack is self-adhesive and reusable, so you can slap it on your sore spots to get relief, then stick it back in the freezer to have it ready for next time!  No wraps, covers, or frustration necessary.  Great for ANY athlete!

SLS3 Compression Sleeves - Though some people actually wear compression socks or sleeves during their runs, I've found them to be absolutely ideal for recovery post-run.  Graduated compression gently squeezes the blood vessels to allow better flow of nutrients to muscles, allowing for faster rebuilding after putting your fibers to the test.  PLUS, right now you can take 40% off your order with code FITNYX40 through 1/31/17!

Telic Recovery Footwear - After pounding the pavement for miles upon miles, your feet can get more than a little sore, and the constant impact can throw much of your body out of whack too.  With Telic shoes or flip flops, tired feet and legs are more comfortably supported and harsh footstep impacts are reduced.  The heat-activated material conforms to the shape of your foot while you wear them, giving you a perfect fit every time.  Use promo code AMANDAN5 to get $5 off your order!

Massages - Nothing says "recovery" like a massage!  Treat your loved ones' sore muscles to a good rub-down with a gift card to a local massage parlor or a relaxing spa day.  A card makes a great stocking stuffer, OR you can get a little mini-massager (like the foot massagers below) to wrap up with a card or a pre-paid package.

IdealLean BCAA Mix - Whether it's cardio or strength work, post-workout muscle soreness is a very real problem.  Working out hard actually tears your muscles, and it's the rebuilding process that makes them stronger.  Speed up that rebuilding time and provide your athlete with more of the essential branched-chain amino acids that are vital to muscle recovery with one of IdealLean's delicious BCAA blends.  These powders mix easily into water for a refreshing and powerful post-workout beverage!  IdealLean is running tons of holiday specials, and you can even get 10% off your order with code anyx10!

Recovery is a GREAT way to show you care!  Support your favorite runner/lifter/yogi with gifts that will keep them doing the things they love longer and safer - that's a happy holiday all around!

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