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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday Shopping Guide: Yoga Lovers

We're getting very close to Christmas, but there's still some time for last minute gifts!  Still stressing about that yoga lover you're just not quite sure what to give?  Don't get all bent out of shape - try one of these great yoga gifts!

Sequence Yoga Mat - Every yogi needs a mat or two or ten!  I hear a lot of people who say "oh I'm sure they already have a mat..." and feel compelled to remind them that mats get dirty and worn out.  Yogis sweat and yoga mat material doesn't always clean up so nicely.  Mats get lost or damaged.  If you see a pretty pattern or innovative new mat option, don't dismiss it as a gift idea!  Most yogis would love to have a couple mats to rotate through or even layer together on harder surfaces.

Yoga Mat Towel - Okay, so maybe they already HAVE a dozen mats and are running out of space.  Why not try a yoga mat towel?  These towels are created to match the length and width of a yoga mat, and often have corner pockets into which the mat corners can be tucked to hold the towel in place.  They're especially great for hot yoga enthusiasts who may sweat onto the mat and lose their grip!  Some mat towels are even thick enough to double as somewhat of a travel mat, since they can roll or fold up easily into luggage.

YogDev Yoga Wheel - Props are a fantastic way to spread the yogi love!  Blocks and straps are easy to find stocking stuffers, but innovative props are even more fun and creative.  Yoga wheels are versatile pieces of yoga equipment that allow deeper poses, more support, and greater challenges - which makes the wheel a perfect gift for ANY level.  Plus, they come in tons of colors, and some wheels are even available with patterns.  Take $5 off your wheel order at YogDev with promo code 5OFFYOGAWHEEL.

Yoga Cards - Talk about a perfect stocking stuffer!  This little deck is marketed as a game for teaching children yoga, but I've also found it to be a very cool tool for improving my own practice.  You can play the game as described in the pack, or just shuffle up a unique flow for your next session!  Or, try working on a pose each day by drawing a random card from the deck.  Any yogi would love to give this pack a try.

TrueLife Fitness Leggings - Apparel, apparel, apparel!  Yogis need clothes too!  In fact, yoga leggings are one of the most fun pieces of clothing to shop for, since there are so many exciting patterns and beautiful designs on the market.  But for the perfect yoga leggings, look no further than TrueLife Fitness.  Available in full length or capri styles, the material is the softest and most breathable of any leggings I've ever worn.  The best added bonus, though, is that each sale from TrueLife sends a donation to Women Win - a charity that helps provide young women with access to sports and physical activity.  Not only are you gifting yoga to your loved one, but you're enriching the world for the next generation at the same time.

Okay!  Time's running out!  Get shopping!  And don't forget to check out my Recovery Stocking Stuffers list for a few extra ideas that will fit almost ANY active lifestyle!  Happy Holidays!

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  1. Good ideas. I do yoga 2-3 times a week. So many great benefits.