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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Whoopsies - I promised a Supplement Sunday and a couple of race recaps last Friday, and so far I haven't delivered.  Well, I promise I have good reasons!  I DID race this weekend, and the recap will be up in a couple days, but I opted to spend my Memorial Day weekend having more adventures instead of pounding out some blog posts.  After the fun and excitement of the weekend, I'm very happy with the decision I made to skip my Sunday post and delay the race recaps.

INSTEAD, I spent most of Sunday kayaking!  And I'm thrilled to say that this past weekend's experience was so much more pleasant (especially weather-wise) than the last time I went kayaking.  Sun, a light breeze, and great company made the excursion the perfect way to spend a lazy holiday weekend afternoon.  We launched from a friend's family's RV site, paddled about two miles up the Vermilion river to reach Lake Erie where we beached and enjoyed the sand for a while, then headed back for some riverside dinner, a little campsite stargazing, and an RV movie night.  It was a great time, and even gave me a much-needed upper body workout!

Then on Monday, after finally taking a day to sleep in (much needed and practically unavoidable after Sunday's exhaustion and a few bites of bad fish), I headed into downtown Cleveland for a blast from the past: the Great Lakes Science Center!  Even us big kids need educational field trips, and when the learning part just happens to be tons of fun, well it's just a win-win for another perfect day!  I got to tour all the exhibits and play with all the crazy science toys, see a couple amusing science demos, and check out the brand-new sports exhibit.  I left the center surprisingly exhausted but very satisfied with a trip that was even more fun than I anticipated!

So as you can see, I had a pretty full plate this weekend!  I'm sorry for not following through on my promise, but check back tomorrow for an exciting post celebrating Global Running Day and a recap of my May in Bay 5k from Saturday!  Be sure to take a minute to tell me all about YOUR awesome Memorial Day weekend down in the comments!

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  1. You know I love me some kayaking! Glad you were able to enjoy the weekend!