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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

If I only knew then...

It's been almost two years since my first race.  I've come a LONG way since that first obstacle course, non-timed, low pressure Zombie Run!  I've run many miles, moved many miles, and learned a lot along the way.  Today for Tuesdays on the Run, we're sending a message back to our former newbie-runner-selves with some words of advice!  I have two pieces of advice I'd send to myself two years ago, but since I talked a lot about the importance of recovery yesterday, I'll just stick with the second piece of advice today.

Dear Innocent Little Newbie Runner Amanda,

You grew up playing soccer and lacrosse, and you spent most of your time working on speed and agility.  Now you have big legs full of spring muscle, and you hate long distance running because it's really hard for you.  Endurance muscles aren't really your "thing" after all that short-range work.  But you know what?  You're still a runner.  Those legs are STRONG, and they're going to carry you to amazing places.  The most important thing to remember when you are running is that every step forward is your choice.  You only have to go backwards if you choose to - and you never have to choose to go backwards again, if you don't want to.  You'll never run a six minute mile, but you'll still be able to run distances that scare you right now, and you'll feel incredible afterwards.  You'll meet people and go places that will make your life better, all because you keep choosing to take another step forward.

And it's not just your legs that are strong.  It's your heart that is strong, too.  Just like running a long distance, life is an endurance event for your heart.  There will be some courses with lots of hills, and those uphill battles will be battles, but when you crest that hill and it's all downhill from there, you're going to love the ride.

Always choose to take that step forward.  It's worth it every time.


Future Awesomesauce Amanda

Tuesdays on the Run is hosted by MarciaPatti, and Erica!  Check out what other runners have to say to their former selves in week's linkup, and stay tuned for more Tuesdays on the Run every week!  Don't forget to share the advice YOU would give to yourself in the comments on any Tuesdays on the Run post!

So, how 'bout it - what advice would you give to yourself back when you started your fitness journey?


  1. When I first started running, I was always a sprinter in school and only did short distances. Back then a 5k sounded like alot. I never thought I'd run a marathon, Let alone an ultra. We are strong! -L

    1. Hell yeah we are! Doesn't matter the distance, we're gonna make it. Though honestly, an ultra still sounds crazy long to me :P

  2. Love this! I am very inspired by "every step forward is your choice. You only have to go backwards if you choose to - and you never have to choose to go backwards again, if you don't want to." That is a true metaphor for life. Words to live by!!!

  3. Awesomesauce indeed! I'm not very patient and wonder if I would have listened to much of this advice when I was starting out. I hope others are smarter than I ever was.