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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Life Status Update

Dear Friends, Family, and Readers of All Ages,

I apologize for my absences of late.  When I first started this blog, I dove in feet-first, and very quickly learned how to swim.  My passion for what I've been doing in the fitness world has surprised even myself, and I am dying to continue along that path.

Sadly, the past few weeks have been very difficult for me.  I am struggling to manage the vastly increased workload that has landed on my plate at the office, and it is leaving little time or energy for personal pursuits.  I'm still finding time for running events and occasional fitness classes, but not nearly to the extent I would prefer.

As my schedule has become more and more overwhelming, I have had to make some difficult decisions.  Last week, I submitted my resignation notice and set the wheels in motion for moving on to a new job.  Hopefully, I will be able to find something that is a little closer to my heart - or at the very least a little closer to home, so I can work my passions into my schedule more easily.

The coming weeks may be equally sparse on the blog, but I will still be staying active on Instagram and Facebook as much as possible.  I also will be posting a race recap from this past weekend's EXCELLENT 10k, and a review for PRO Compression socks as soon as I have a chance.  In the meanwhile, if you know of a great fitness industry job in Chicago (especially up in the north suburbs) please let me know!

Thank you all for your continued readership and support.  Adventures with Fitnyx has been a huge step forward towards some major dreams, and I wouldn't have made so much progress if it weren't for y'all.  *hugs*

<3, Amanda


  1. Don't worry about not blogging enough! Your blog is supposed to be fun. If you start to feel obligated to do it, it's not longer fun.

    Good luck with your future pursuits!

    1. Thanks! The blogging is still so much fun - it's just difficult to fit into the schedule. With a career change in motion, I anticipate getting back to that "fun zone" pretty soon!