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Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Five: My MCM Running Outfit

There are four Fridays before I tackle my first full marathon - so every week, I'll be posting a Friday Five that is related to my final preparations for the Marine Corps Marathon.  This week, I'm putting together my race day outfit.  Because why even bother running if you're not gonna be comfortable and look goooooooood while you do it?!

5. Puma Performance Socks

Dirty runner confession: I only own two pairs of good running socks, so I don't really wash them after every run for fear that I'll lose one in the wash and be without my good socks.  I found my Puma socks at a TJ Maxx in Chicago for like $3 for two pairs, and I haven't looked back.  They fit great, they're moisture wicking, they don't slip down into the shoe - what more can I ask for?  I've run every mile in either the pink or green pair, and I can't imagine tackling MCM without them.  In fact, I might just wear one pink and one green so I have every step of experience with me on race day...

4. Saucony Shoes

These are still pretty new, and I'm not 100% sure they're quite right for me, but if I can survive my long runs in them, they're good enough for MCM.  With a good amount of cushion and my custom inserts (that surprisingly fit perfectly when I took them out of my old shoes), there's no reason not to wear them apart from a little extra knee soreness that is probably more likely due to the mileage increase and atmosphere pressure changes I've experienced in the past few weeks.  I'm confident these shoes will take me where I need to go.

3. Champion Racerback Sports Bra

Finding spaghetti strap, racerback-style sports bras is getting harder and harder, so fortunately my trust ol' Champion bras are still in top shape.  Though a little over a year ago I would have pegged a different bra as my go-to, the past few months have solidified the Champion style's place as my race day support option.  Comfortable, secure, breathable, and funky-fun in bright tie-dye colors, I'll be "strapped in" and stable the whole way.

2. Hylete Icon Tri-Blend Tank

My choice of a tank top for race day might necessitate a throwaway top layer, but I'm guessing a few miles in I'll be very happy in my decision.  I've actually PRed in this particular tank many times, including a 5k PR this year and not one but TWO half marathon PRs over the course of this year!  Yes, my first marathon will be an automatic PR, but that doesn't mean I can't wear the lucky top and get that first time down as far as possible, right?

1. Gypsy Runner Two-Pocket Shorts

After months of raving about how amazing these shorts are, it's finally time to use them for their true purpose: to keep me stocked and fueled through 26.2 miles through the heart of our nation's capital.  Not only are they cool, comfortable, and chafe-resistant - the two pocket design means I can maximize my fueling options without worrying about where to stuff all the gels and chews.  And the biggest benefit?  They look FANTASTIC, nabbing me dozens of mid-course compliments every time I race in them!  If that's not a great motivator to keep going on race day, I don't know what is!

And of course, the post-race outfit is going to look something like this with my MCM shirt - and the not-yet-pictured FINISHER MEDAL I plan to earn:

What does your go-to race day outfit look like?  Do you have certain pieces of gear you'll never run without?  How about "lucky" items?

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