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Friday, October 14, 2016

Gear Up! Tried and True Marathon Training Solutions

Anyone who has ever trained for a marathon can tell you there's way too much gear involved!  A pair of shoes and some comfy running clothes are just the beginning.  Fuel, hydration, tracking, ways to carry it all...  And let's not even get into recovery gear (yet - that's next week's post)!  It's been hit-or-miss all summer trying to find the right items to keep me moving, but I think I've finally found the best gear solutions for both training and race day!

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5. RunLites Gloves

These have come in handy more recently as the days have gotten shorter.  Running in the dark is dangerous, especially on long runs when you're more likely to be less vigilant or running through less familiar areas.  My RunLites give me plenty of vision in the dark hours, without giving me a headache like my head lamp does.  And because they're fingerless, they're not overwhelmingly hot or sweaty on my hands.  Functional and comfortable, they're pretty much a necessity for dark runs!

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4. JournalMenu Planner

Tracking progress is so important for seeing results and weaknesses (and opportunities for improvement).  I've always used Map My Run for distance, time, and splits, but I don't really ever use the data in any way.  When I got my hands on a custom JournalMenu, though, I was finally able to connect my recorded data with other important observations and notes, which made both good and bad patterns much more noticeable.  By keeping a record of my runs, the gear I use on/around those runs, my cross training, and my nutrition (along with any unexpected side effects), I have been able to make some important tweaks and excel past my goals all along the way.

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3. Clif Shot Razz

For a long time, I preferred the Clif Shot Blok chewables as my running fuel, but somewhere along the marathon training line I found myself having difficulty chewing and swallowing them while out on the run.  Thankfully, the Shot gels are equally delicious and digestible, while also being easier for me to consume while I'm out on my route.  As a big raspberry fan, the Razz flavor is by far my favorite, and I have a huge stockpile of them ready for long runs and race day.

T1. Hydrus Performance Hydration Concentrate

There's no way I would have made it through my summer mileage without an effective hydration solution.  Though I've found several hydration options that more or less meet my needs, Hydrus has by far been the most effective for the vast majority of situations.  With the liquid-concentrate "bubble" technology, Hydrus works faster and more efficiently to bring much needed electrolytes into my body while also dragging an increased amount of water with it.  I am quite certain that without this Miracle Water, it would have been practically impossible for me to stick to my training.  You better believe it'll be with me for the final 26.2!

running gear racing race marathon training fitness

T1. Goldberg Gear Hydration Belt

Honestly, Hydrus probably should be #1, but I've ruled it a tie - because no matter how great Hydrus IS, it's totally ineffective if I don't HAVE it.  Without a comfortable hydration transportation system, many of those intensely hot summer runs couldn't have happened.  Filling the bottles with the right product was one hurdle, but finding a way to take the bottle with me was something that worried me.  I've tried a few different hydration belts, and considered handhelds or backpack options; however, the only real solution I found was my Goldberg Gear belt.  It sits properly, accommodates various sizes of bottle while keeping them easily accessible, has a decently spacious pouch for additional fuel, and features fully adjustable elastic around the band.  So it's a tie since these two products have worked so perfectly together!

Don't forget to stop by the Friday Five linkup hosted by the DC Trifecta!  What gear/fuel has helped you go further/faster/stronger?  Do you have go-to items for dealing with specific types of challenges such as intense heat or cold?


  1. Living in Florida I have a crap ton of hydration products. Everything from backpacks to fuel belts to handhelds. My handheld is good for everything up to 8 miles- after that I grab my backpack or belt. I do need to get more reflective gear now that it's getting darker earlier.

    1. Yeah I can't imagine holding a bottle for 20 miles. Belt for sure!

  2. I have those same runlites but have not had to use them yet! You are right that marathon training consist of much more than just a pair of shoes!

    1. They're such a blessing, even when it's not fully dark but I'm on a trail or under a lot of tree cover later in the day. Since they're on your hands, it's very easy to direct them into that rustling bush or all around the underpass tunnel...

  3. I try not to rely on too much "stuff" so that I'm okay if the stuff goes away :)

    1. I'm too heavy of a sweater to safely run long without some "stuff", but a lot of the peripheral things are mostly unnecessary. They make recovery or other parts of my life/training easier, but if it was gone I would probably be able to transition easily to other ways.

  4. There are so many hydration belts out there. Finding one that doesn't bounce is one of the biggest challenges.

    1. With this one, bouncing is only noticeable when I forget to alternate bottles. If I drink all of one bottle before going to the other side, it's off balance and gets REALLY bad! But when I'm smart, it's perfectly fine.